at the 4th instar stage of the monarch caterpillar development you begin to see just how much a single larva can eat. i definitely need to gather some fresh leaves tomorrow in anticipation of the final 5th instar before catone turns into a chrysalis. not much happening with cattwo, but by mid-afternoon i saw it soon after a fresh molting, the dead skin and old head capsule still intact.

today i pursued mass solar loans from avidia bank and naveo credit union. avidia is the bigger bank with no fees but they're more careful about who they lend to and require a lot of documentation and proof to be sent to them. they also require you sell your SREC's through their partner broker. naveo is more simple, didn't need much, just a basic statement saying how much you make and that was it; i suppose with my parents' social security number they have enough info to do a basic credit check. tomorrow i'm going to visit an east cambridge savings bank branch to see if i can get a solar loan form as they're in a unique position of doing being able to file out a preliminary loan application online. the 4th on our list is equitable bank, and we've heard they will lend to anyone, but they also have the highest closing fees, so we will only try them last.

my mother made a curry-like rice for dinner using things from our garden: zucchini and thai basil. she wanted more basil but used up the last of the surviving backyard plant. returning home i went back via huron avenue, but they were still paving portion of the road even as it was growing dark. earlier i made my way to belmont via brattle street; going home i took a detour on lakeview to get onto concord avenue.

i had a craving for candy for some reason and took a short walk to the dollar store to grab a few things (spree). my real reason for going was just to tag a pokestop so i could extended my streak and earn a bonus.

catone (4th instar) is making fast progress feeding on the milkweed leaf. cattwo - which this afternoon molted to 3rd instar - didn't eat a whole lot. it fed on the area around where it molted, but spent most of the time roaming around its leaf.