hailey woke me up from the side of the bed at exactly 6am this morning, using her internal dog clock. i let her out in the backyard so she could use the bathroom before giving her 3 scoops of her dog food. afterwards she went back to sleep in my old bedroom while i continued sleeping in my parents' bedroom. i sent GC a text, wishing him a safe trip back to alabama (his flight was at 9am).

hailey woke up me again at 8am. i thought maybe she needed to use the bathroom again so i let her out, following her this time. i saw some things in the garden that i almost never see: morning glories! they're called morning glory for a reason, since they only open in the mornings then fade by noontime. as i'm never in belmont that early, i took the opportunity to snap some photos. there are two kinds, domesticated 'heavenly blue' with large 4" flowers, and wild morning glories (non-heart-shaped leaves) with small 1-1/2" flowers. there was also a wet metallic green sweat bee "sleeping" in one of the wild morning glory flowers that i hauled out the tripod so i could take some better photos.

beginning in the late morning, local networks began televising from boston, where counterprotesters were marching against a "free speech" rally on boston common. there seemed be like only a dozen participants in the nationalist rally, compared to the tens of thousands of protesters marching in the street from dorchester 2 miles away into boston.

around noontime hailey made a fuss to go outside so she could lie on the lawn and sun herself. after a while i thought she should come in before she gets a heat stroke but the moment i went outside she ran out into the middle of the lawn, looking for squirrels. i chased her around the backyard a few time, she was sprinting at high speed back and forth, before she got tired and ran back into the house. throughout the day she'd occasionally get bored with sleeping and come back into the living room asking to be let outside. one time i spotted a pair of female turkeys in the neighbor's yard. it was quiet this weekend, a lot of neighbors with kids have gone on vacation. i weeded some crabgrass before it got too hot and i went back inside.

for lunch i reheated the last of my leftover risotto. it's actually not that bad if i can reheat it to the point where the cheese is bubbling (1 minute microwave, stir, 2 more minutes, stir again).

for dinner i already knew what i wanted: a calzone from fiorella's express. when i used to live at home, i stopped here occasionally to get the calzone if there was nothing to eat in the house. i haven't eaten here in probably close to 2 decades. it was close enough that i could simply walk there, and the weather wasn't bad anyway, so that's what i did around 5:30pm. the interior had been renovated since my last visit so nothing inside felt familiar. the place isn't a restaurant but there were tables where you could sit and eat, and there were a few customers. 2 young women about to finish with their food and the rest were senior citizens, seemingly waiting for their order to be ready. i got the chicken eggplant prosciutto calzone ($11).

i managed to finish about 2/3 of the calzone before i couldn't eat anymore. i knew my sister was getting back to boston from los angeles tonight, i just didn't know what time. she texted at 7:55pm to tell me she's arrived. i told her to call me back once she was home. when she finally called back at 9pm, i told her she could come pick up her dog and then give me a ride back to my place (as i had neither bike or motorcycle). i gave her my leftover calzone.

it was strange to be home after being gone for a day, felt like i went on vacation when i was just staying over at my parents' place. GC had returned the doorkey in the mail slot as we'd agreed. there was no fishy smell in the house but i knew he ate all his seafood as the freezer was empty of his frozen shrimp and fish. i checked the cupboard to see if he left any of his things behind and he took everything, including his bag of rice (i don't blame him, that goya rice was expensive). all that he left was the container of salt, the cooking wine, and some garlic.

some watch batteries arrived yesterday and today. the LR44 i used for my light switch temperature gauage. the CR1216 was for my timex weekender watch. replacing it was a snap, but closing the back cover back up was impossible. turns out you need a special watch back press to properly close the case. it sells for $14 on ebay, i'm debating whether to buy one or go to a watch store and see if they will close it for me for a fee. i'm more inclined to get the press in case i need to close the case again in the future.