i woke up at 7:30am, after a weird dream where RD popped into my subconscious. funny how i don't really dream about people i've met recently, but someone i knew more than a decade ago still occasionally makes a cameo. it was early for me, but i figured might as well begin my errands. first stop was biking to the porter square star market, where there was a sale on cherries ($1.77/lbs.) and watermelons ($3.77/large melon only this weekend). i bought a bag of cherries and 2 watermelons. i can with my large kelty backpack, putting one watermelon inside, while strapping the second watermelon to the back of my rear rack.

i then changed rides and rode the motorcycle to the nearby community garden to water my plants (i haven't visited in 3 days). next i rode to inman square, where i filled the tank at the speedway gas station (1.844 gallons, $2.309/gal).

when i returned home i also watered the plants in my own backyard. around noontime i strapped one of the watermelons back onto the bicycle and rode to belmont. not much was happening this sunday. my father was busy researching ductless heat pumps. my sister came home with her dog who promptly went outside and rolled around in something dead and was so smelly she couldn't come back inside the house; instead they just stayed out in the backyard, but later a little bit later.

i returned to cambridge after dinner. i wasn't sure if GC's friend was coming by tonight to watch another episode of game of thrones, since he never tried to contact me, despite GC telling him it was okay for him to come. so as 9pm approached, i waited anxiously, until i realized he wasn't coming after all. i got to enjoy the episode all by myself, with a bowl of cherries, a bottle of woodchunk amber cider, and a bag of fishsnacks. it was another episode that moved along at breakneck speed, like all the key plot points of a typical season all condensed into a single episode. jorah shows us. gendry shows up. the hound and the brotherhood shows up. sam leaves the citadel most likely heading back to castle black. jon pets a dragon, further cementing his claim as a targaryen. cersei is pregnant. tyrion and jamie meet secretly back in king's landing. littlefinger plays arya against her sister sansa. and a group of daenerys' best men head north to bring back the bodies of zombies as proof of the approaching undead menace.

i managed to open my timex weekender but i don't have the right watch battery. i ended up ordering it through amazon, hopefully it comes next week so i can get the watch working again. it feels weird to go out and not have a watch, even though most people nowadays use the clock on the phones.