it took exactly a week, but this morning i received e-mail that my parents are eligible for the mass solar loan program. that wasn't a surprise, based on their tax returns from last year. their overall application is still under review from massCEC, which hopefully will let us know soon. once they qualify, we will look for a bank to give them a loan to install the solar system.

contractors were replacing the wooden community garden pathway fence with a shorter fence. they made a mistake the first time they installed it, finally coming back to make it right.

i was there to harvest a bunch of my tomatoes, mostly cherries, which don't seem to do well from the blight. i uprooted one plant entirely as it was completely dead. nevertheless, i still managed to collect two 32 oz. containers of small tomatoes.

i found GC in the kitchen working on the report he intends to give to his amherst advisor when they meet tomorrow. he had a slab of frozen fish defrosting in the sink. i knew tonight would be seafood night because that's all the food he has left in the refrigerator. i made a vanilla ice cream milk shake which i shared with him. he told me he will leave tomorrow morning (around 8:50am) with his luggage, not bothering to return home, going to amherst after their conference with a coworker friend driving back. he didn't start cooking until 10:30pm, and didn't finally have dinner until almost 11pm. i just wanted him to hurry up and eat so the fans will have enough time to blow out the fishy smell. only after a shower around 1am did he finally begin packing. there's actually no rush, especially if he comes back 2 weeks later to stay here for one night before his flight. he said he would treat me to dinner that friday, perhaps forgetting the fact that i told him i would be gone watching my sister's dog. but i thought about it, and i might be able to squeeze a few hours to visit my own house. in lieu of the additional week's worth of rent he's supposed to pay me, i will take a free meal instead, it's the least he can do. but knowing me, i will order the cheapest thing on the menu as it's often the case when i know somebody is treating me.

that 40 oz. exquis insulated bottle i bought more than 6 weeks ago is broken. it no longer insulates, so it probably lost it's vacuum-seal. i know this because ice cubes i add at the beginning of the day are mostly melted by evening. this was not the case when i first got the bottle, when ice would stay icy until 2 days later. but the most telling thing is the bottle has begun to sweat. it's still usable, but not as good as it once was. not it's just a large 40 oz. bottle without insulation. it must've broke when i banged it a few days ago, trying to get the lid unstuck when i screwed it on wrong. i never knew insulated bottles can be so delicate!

fortunately summer is just a few weeks away from ending, and once fall arrives, i will switch to drinking hot beverages again, where my container of choice is the contigo. but i still may go down to the local marshalls and get another cheap insulated bottle if i have the time. i don't know if i'd get another exquis though. one thing i discovered over the weeks i've been using it is that the metal surface actually gets rusty, despite being stainless steel. i noticed a few tiny rust spots on the outside which i was able to easy rub off with my nails. however, there's a ring of rust around the plastic retainer that keeps the lid attached to the bottle and i can't reach inside to clean it.