one day it's warm and sunny, another day it's cold and grey. the sudden change of weather confuses my caveman brain at times. what would it be like to live someplace where the weather was constant? the rain didn't stop until 12:20pm, at which point i said good bye to GC (working in the kitchen) and biked to belmont. we had nothing scheduled for this weekend, his last, though with the rain even if we did it would've been a wash out. my mother called earlier, said we were going on a costco supply run as soon as i arrived.

i swapped out the memory card on my father's moto G4. a few days ago i figured out how to reformat his 64GB sandisk ultra microSDXC so it can be used as an android's adoptable storage. but when we formatted the card, it told us it wasn't fast enough but proceded anyway. that bothered me because a slow memory card can drag down the entire system, although my father didn't notice anything odd in the few days he'd been using adoptable storage. but it bothered me enough that i remembered i had a 64GB sandisk extreme microSDXC card. i'd been using it to record the random tv broadcast in my DTA broadcast receiver box in my old non-HDTV set in the bedroom. i used blackmagic disk speed test v3.1 to test the card speeds. i use a 64GB sandisk ultra in my dSLR, which gave me a read/write speed of 80/20 MB/s. when i tested the sandisk ultra - U3 rated - it gave me a reading of 90/60 MB/s, much faster, especially on the write speed.

only when i was about to install the new card did i realize that it was actually a 32GB card and not 64GB (which was probably why i never used it in my dSLR), but my father said that was more memory than he typically uses anyway. first step was migrating all the data back onto the 16GB internal memory from the 64GB external card. fortunately we made the switch recently, so there wasn't a lot of data to transfer, just some photos. next i had to tell the system to forget the previous external memory card. finally, after inserting the new 32GB card i reformatted it as adoptable storage. it took seconds to reformat, but about a minute to migrate all the data back onto the external card. the one good sign was it didn't say anything about the new card not being fast enough, so i think it's going to work.

the waltham costo wasn't all that bad. crowded, sure, for a weekend, but that was to be expected. once you get over the number of people, it's just like any shopping experience. in fact, my mother kept on saying this, but this particular costco seems to have more selection than the everett costco that my parents usually go to. we were going to go to the waltham market basket afterwards, but managed to find most of the stuff we wanted to buy there here, so decided to skip it.

on the way there and on our way back we kept spotting homes with solar power. i always like to do a quick count as to the number of panels, then figure out their orientation, and finally the brand.

as i only had some yogurt and granola for breakfast, i quickly ate 3 sandwiches (2 italians, 1 roast beef) from a long container my mother bought. that was enough food that we ended up deciding to postpone barbecuing the ribs we purchased. instead when dinner rolled around we had some bread (that my sister dropped off) with some salami slices.

when i returned home i carved up the remaining half of watermelon, splitting it with GC. we watched a few more better call saul episodes before calling it a night.