from faneuil hall i made my way along devonshire street to get some chacarero for lunch, weaving between the traffic on my bike. it's been more than 7 years, but glad to know one of my favorite eats is still around after so many have fallen (porter square popeye, mass ave-walden KFC, prospect-hampshire KFC, central square wendy's, davis square wing works). we used to call it the chicken shack for some reason, which i'd completely forgot, but glad that i did, otherwise i might've ordered the chicken sandwich, but in fact their best sandwich is the beef. there was a lunchtime line out the door as i waited patiently. once inside, the place had nice air conditioning. the first line was for ordering, followed by a second line for pickup. i got 2 large beef sandwiches ($10/each), one for myself, one for my parents who've never had chacarero before. the order gets transmitted to the cook, who confirms your other (beef or chicken, big or small, mild or spicy). it's all done based on the order your order was made, so if you switch places in line, it messes up their system, which apparently was must've happened, because they gave me a chicken and a beef when i asked for 2 beefs. but i caught the mistake beforehand and they were able to switch the orders around, giving me the right order.

i then went arch-franklin-province-city hall avenue-court square to get onto cambridge street then across the longfellow back to my house. it was a good ride, nice weather, and i had a smile on my face on occasions, though i was also panting between my teeth. i was a sweat soaked mess when i got home, took a quick shower, before running back outside. i did weigh myself beforehand, with clothes on, at 144 lbs., which means my "actual" sweat-reduced weight was even lower.

i opted for the motorcycle to get to the cafe to drop off the sandwich, as i was drained from riding to boston and back. my parents had a friend visiting however, so i took the sandwich to belmont. i bought the sandwiches at 12:43pm. finally at 1:37pm i was eating. the sandwich was so good, just as i remembered it, and i could've easily ate two sandwiches. that mix of beef and cheese and spicy guacamole and cream cheese on that round flat bread, along with the string beans, it's just the perfect combination. i washed it down with some woodchunk summer time ale.

when my parents tried the sandwich, they didn't love it as much as i did, since there was no sense of food nostalgia. my mother ate half of her half, but finished the rest later.

i noticed it a few days ago, but yellow gladiolas have bloomed in the western perennial garden. i completely forgot i had them and had to check my records to remind myself. supposedly they're tender perennials (i.e. you're supposed to dig them up at the end of the season if you want them to survive the winter and replant) but they seem to come back on their own, although i don't remember seeing them last year. this season there was only yellow ones, one of the reds from past photos. they're showy and good for some late season bloom, but i don't like them as they have a tendency to topple over without staking.

i figured how to turn on android adoptable storage on my father's moto G4. it was strange that the phone was using the external memory card simply as external memory, when i read there should be an option to allow the external card to be seem as internal memory. the trick was the card needed to be reformatted specifically for adoptable storage. so i transferred the handful of photos back onto the internal memory before reformatting the 64GB card. it told me the card wasn't fast enough, but still allowed me to continue. it then gave me the option of migrating data onto the card. afterwards storage said the phone now had 16GB + 64GB of usable memory, with no mention of external memory card.

i finished golden son tonight and am now moving onto morning star, the final book of the red rising trilogy. it took less than week. i just want to finish all three books so i can finally go online and read about the trilogy without accidentally finding any spoilers.