i woke up at 9:48am, with an appointment to be down at the community garden for a work day. i probably didn't need to go because i'd already done a work day back in early may, when it wasn't even my turn to do it. but since i had the time anyway, i figured i'd go down and help them out. unfortunately GC was in the bathroom. i waited for him to come out (around 10:08am), quickly ran in to use it, then left for the gardens.

there wasn't a lot of people, no more than a dozen, when in fact we should have more than 30 if everyone followed the rules, which are not strictly enforced anyway. i spent most of the time weeding, digging out invasive swallow-worts. i was also going to replace my rotting fence post with a new one, but when i removed the old fence post, i noticed a foundation of concrete, which meant the new square post wouldn't fit inside the old round hole. instead i helped 2 other gardeners install posts in their plots, mary followed by ana. it gave me a chance to ask them about the plants growing in their plots. mary has a very meticulously laid out garden, divided into 4 neat sectors with different perennials. ana has a more organic layout, with more vegetables.

i didn't go home until almost 1pm, spending nearly 3 hours in the garden when in fact i was secretly hoping to leave early (we were only supposed to be there until noontime). earlier when i was walking to the garden, i passed by several houses throwing things out (end of the month, apartment cleanup). from one house i collected a glass lasagna tray and a white corelle mug, from another house a hardcover book which i'm planning on turning into a book safe. the tray was caked in grease, it took me a while with a brillo pad to get it looking practically new. it's not a pyrex bowl, but i can't seem to find the brand. closer to home, i also found a 4-pack of unused V-8 vegetable drink. i picked it up for my 2nd uncle, the only person i know who enjoys drinking V-8.

GC was not at home. he told me yesterday that a fellow coworker was leaving and his friends were taking him out for a picnic. that meant i had the house to myself for the next few hours at least. i took a shower and thought about a late lunch when my mother called, saying they were leaving the cafe early and asking me to go to belmont. i was going to go visit haymarket, but instead i packed up my things and rode the motorcycle to my parents' place. i actually saw them riding their bikes, pushing them up the hill.

united solar told us the maximum number of solar panels we can put up is 24. my father really wants 27. wanting to find out for ourselves, my father climbed onto the roof so we could take our own measurements. i texted him the numbers as he read them off to me. sure enough, what united solar told was true for the most part. for one thing, the panels have to be oriented horizontally, otherwise there's not enough clearance between the top of the main roof and the top of the sunroom roof. there is just enough space to fit 4 rows (current design is for 3 rows) of 40" wide panels with 12" of offset on the top and bottom of the roof, but that's with zero leeway, so if the panels are just a fraction wider in their install, it will violate belmont's bylaw when it comes to panel offset. but crunching the numbers, united so far has the best price. the worst was amergy, the first solar company that got in touch with us back in the spring. i actually thought the kid gave us a good proposal, but we now realize it was kind of a ripoff.

i installed my brand new 64GB microSDHC card into my father's moto G4. it's way more storage space than he needs, but i already had the card and wasn't using it for anything. 64GB is what i use in my digital cameras and i don't remember ever running out of memory.

back in cambridge, GC told me he got back around 5:30pm. they went to beaver brook park. they took an uber to get there, when in fact they could've saved money and just taken the 73 bus instead. he made dinner (not seafood), then i didn't see him the rest of the night, despite figuring he'd at least come out to finish the final episode of westworld. he didn't even ask about our plan for tomorrow, seeing the puerto rican parade in boston.

i managed to write another formula in google sheets. a few items from the bank account data are deposit amounts. they have no description other than "deposit" so its difficult to sort them into categories. but my father told me that one type of deposits always ends in whole dollar amounts, while the other always end in cents. using this information i could sort the difference between the two, by comparing the actual number with the rounded number. if the two are equal, it means whole dollars, if they're unequal, it means there are cents. i tried writing it using a sumifs() statement, but i couldn't figure out how to write the syntax for the actual-to-rounded comparison. i probably could've tried a query() statement, but discovered filter() instead. i wrote out a mess of formula, made more complicated by the fact that filter() don't accept wildcard variables, so i have to put that in a search() command. if i was feeling ambitious i might try rewriting it with query() but since it works, there's no reason to change it. so the final formula has a search() nested inside of a filter() inside of a sum() inside of an iferror(). a lot of nesting:

=iferror(sum(filter('transactions 2017'!$D:$D,SEARCH("Deposit",'transactions 2017'!$C:$C),'transactions 2017'!$F:$F = TEXT(D$1,"yyyy-MM"),'transactions 2017'!$D:$D <> int('transactions 2017'!$D:$D))),0)

i chatted with wangyan, we seemed to be over-worked and was nursing a cold for the past 2 weekends. she was in a funk, said nothing interests her anymore. she did send me a photo of her plants, which she said many have died because of the heat. she also made some yangmei wine.