still groggy with sleep, i rolled over to check the news: the skinny obamacare repeal bill did not pass the senate last night. senators lisa murkowski and susan collins were already staunch no's despite threat of personal physical violence and reprisals for their states, but it was john mccain who gave them the final vote to push the count to 51-49, scuttling the measure. this after a lot of liberal news outlets crucified mccain earlier in the week after returning from brain tumor surgery to cast a vote to allow a motion to proceed with the bill. today democrats sing a different tune, while now republicans take their turn in cursing mccain. although secretly a lot of republican senators were against the skinny repeal anyway, just too cowardly to admit it in public.

a badge of honor it is to stay the whole day in the house when i could've gone outside. i spent the entirety of this friday indoors finishing red rising. the story is good, but derivative of so many other classics like harry potter (houses, factions), count of monte cristo, gattaca, and even greek war epics like the iliad (gods visiting/observing battles). it also bore some resemblance to the way of kings, how someone becomes a leader and gaining loyalty of his men. unlike that novel however, i did not get any goosebumps reading the final chapters of red rising. however, i've already begun reading golden son, the next book in the series.

lucas of united solar get in touch with me with some answers to questions i sent him last night. according to him, 24 panels is the maximum that we can fit on the roof, given the 1-foot setback variance set by the town of belmont. i could swear i've seen other solar houses in town where the panels sit much closer to the edge of the roof. i kept pushing though, asked him for a different configuration in the hopes of adding more panels.

a day of granola yogurt, of madeleine cookies, of carrots and celery in humus, of pita bread in tzatziki, of ice cold water in insulated bottle. for dinner two whole wheat nut bread tuna fish sandwiches. GC returned home around 8pm. i figured he was busy with badminton but the courts were full today and he and his merry band of shuttlecockers had to go a week without a game.

we only managed to watch a single episode of westworld, leaving the season finale for tomorrow. GC told me he had a farewell picnic for a coworker tomorrow. i told him about the sale on cherries at the porter square star market.

i finally managed to figure out a way to pull data from a different sheet for my father's financial spread sheet page in goole sheets:

=iferror(query('transactions 2017'!$C:$F,"select D where C contains 'EVERSOURCE' and F = '" & TEXT(D$1,"yyyy-MM") & "' limit 1 offset 1 label D ''"),0)

i knew the logic but couldn't figure out the syntax behind it. i was using vlookup but it wasn't robust enough for the sort of criteria searching i wanted to do. i discovery the query() function which allows you to write an sql-like search command. then it took me some time to figure out the properly formatting to match one date with another. finally, i put it all in an iferror statement to spit out a zero instead of an error message when it couldn't find anything.