i woke up at 7:40am. i had the window open this morning, and the cold temperature (59°F) induced me to get up early to use the bathroom. i couldn't fall back to sleep after that so i decided to start my day by retroactively filling in some missing blog posts.

it already began to rain and as the morning wore on the rainfall increased. GC woke up late, 9:40am, and left for the office 30 minutes later. i reused the bathroom (taking my time) and took a shower. later i ate a salmon cream cheese bagel for lunch.

i contacted boston solar to get the contact information of my sales agent john. i also asked if they were planning on rescheduling the site survey appointment scheduled for today due to the rain, and sure enough that's what they did. the new time is wednesday afternoon. roy from new england clean energy got in touch with me. he was supposed to hold off until later this week, but wrote an e-mail asking which category of solar loan my parents would be able to qualify for.

it was raining so hard that i wasn't planning on going to belmont today, until my mother called and told me my parents were going to market basket anyway to pick up some last minute supplies and could give me a ride along the way. i got a chance to wear my new rain boots, which look nearly the same as my old boots. today was unseasonably cold, but i actually like it, knowing the temperature could turn hot at anytime.

due to the bad weather and the time of day, market basket was the least crowded i've ever seen it before. it was actually kind of chilly in the store after getting slightly drenched in the rain outside and then walking inside to the air conditioned building. afterwards we stopped at the cafe to drop some things off before continuing to belmont.

we ate some market basket sandwiches and subs, which ruined our appetite for dinner. i discovered my mother is now obsessed with the mahjong app i installed on her ipad yesterday, and played until 2am last night, temporarily suspending her turkish crime series watching on netflix and her knitting.

my father did whip up some simple noodles with a sauce packet and some backyard scallions for me to have for dinner before giving me a ride back to cambridge.

GC was home. i'm beginning to think he follows a schedule when it comes to cooking. if it's monday then it means some kind of seafood for dinner. i just have to remember he has 17 more days left. he was busy tonight, some sort of meeting tomorrow that he has to go over the materials beforehand. he did however come into the living to chat a bit around 10:30pm, though not enough time to watch any westworld. he told me how of his extended family, he's the only one to go to college. most of his family members have simple jobs, though none are farmers, which was what his grandparents did. nowadays many of his family members make cheap parts for extra money, investing in plastic extrusion machines (the size of 2 stacked sofas) which they keep in their house. in fact, some large factories have closed because they can't compete with this small mom-and-pop plastic extrusion shops which can operate more cheaply.