the last time i watered my garden plot was back on wednesday, followed by a thunderstorm and morning rain on thursday. i did visit the plot on friday (twice in fact), but spent the weekend away from the community garden. i finally went down today to water my plants. a few days of neglect wasn't going to be a problem, not after all the rain we got last week. watering today meant i wouldn't need to come back tomorrow if i didn't feel like it.

tomatoes are progressing, and one of the eggplants is over 5" long now. eggplants are kind of weird because they don't produce a lot of fruits per plant, not like tomatoes. they're also slow to grow, another thing they don't have in common with tomatoes. but they love the heat more than any other vegetables, and it seems like the hotter it gets, the better they do. they don't get blight like tomatoes, which makes me wonder if i should plant more eggplants than tomatoes next season. eggplants do get flea beetles, but i never had them here in the community garden (i did get them in belmont, but a couple of diatomaceous earth treatments took care of that problem.

my mother told me that somebody else is looking to stay at my place for 3 months, from september to november. i said no immediately, but it's easy money. as much as i hate living with roommates, the cash it provides is hard to say no to, especially since i still don't have a job. plus this guy regularly goes to the cafe so my parents have chatted with him and they think he's a good guy, spends most of time at the office, even weekends. that sounds like an easy roommate. if this roommate does end up moving in, i may possibly have gone this entire year where i had a roommate every single month (though not the entire months).

my mother told me something else: she said she doesn't want to do thanksgiving this year because she always has a fight with my sister. i don't see why i have to suffer not having my annual turkey meal because my sister has to make the holidays all about her and throws a tantrum. it's the only holiday i look forward to every year, the only thing that's remotely sacred in my life. you don't mess with thanksgiving!

my father finally managed to chainsaw one of the plum tree stumps. the heartwood is the hardest part of the tree, and at times the chainsaw just wasn't making much traction. what made it even more challenging was a large nest of carpenter ants had taken up residence, and the vibration from the chainsaw caused them all to abandon the nest and swarm everywhere. i don't think carpenter ants bite, but it was still a gruesome sight seeing those large ants everywhere.

maybe GC's been busy, but since we finished watching breaking bad, he's been spending more time in his bedroom than out in the living room after dinner. tonight he took a break from seafood, which meant i didn't have to suffer any fishy smells. i didn't see him after that, and he's never been one to say good night, just goes straight to bed which i find a little rude but i've had past roommates do this as well so i don't take it personally.

last night i watched the latest episode of twin peaks before going to bed. talk about hatewatch: i really despise that show with a passion, despite tuning in every sunday. we're already on episode 10 with just 8 more episodes to go. i'm hoping it doesn't get renewed for another season so finally the show can be put out of its misery.