i took GC to the somerville artbeat festival happening in davis square, giving him another chance to familiarize himself with our many nearby squares. i had to stop the bike on beacon street because the rear brake was sticky. glad i stopped, because out on the curb somebody had thrown out a bunch of travel books. many were wet from the rain a few days ago. i picked up a copy of a 2000 lonely planet guide to the yucatan, as well as a 1998 handbook called "shopping in china." pretty outdated, but still interesting to read to see what commerce was like in china nearly 20 years ago. there was no mention of chongqing in any of the chapters, it mustn't have been a big deal back then.

it's been a while since i last visited davis square. ever since julie moved out of the neighborhood, i don't visit as often. and when wings work went out of business (december 2012 was my last visit), i had zero reason to go to davis. it was nice to be back though, seeing all the new businesses, like kung fu ice tea or the fresh b supermarket.

the last and first time i went to the somerville artbeat festival was back in 2009. it must not have made an impression because i completely forgot it. it was mostly handicrafts, with a smattering of food vendors in the central square area. the most interesting thing i saw was a pair of young women typing poems on typewriters for tips. not since the mid-80's have i seen a real typewriter in action.

we stopped by star market on our way home to grab some cherries that were on sale for $1.49/lbs. that's probably the cheapest i've seen it this season, even cheaper than the $1.57/lbs. price a while back. the weird thing is the sale is only at the porter square star market, the one across the street from me sells them at $1.99. GC also bought some ice cream.

we dropped off our things at the house before continuing to market basket, our next destination. i picked up a few ingredients for making quiche, which i planned to do at my parents' place tonight for dinner. i left for belmont via motorcycle soon after we got back.

i started making the quiche around 4:30pm, it wasn't actually in the oven until well after 5pm, with approximately 40 minutes of baking. it was the second quiche i've been this week, and i haven't gotten sick of it, but i only had one slice. my parents thought it was okay but my mother said she still prefers eating asian food instead.

i finally finished watching episode S02E04 of preacher, which featured an incredible single take fight scene at the end.