it's called cold diuresis, a phenomenon where cold temperature makes the body constrict blood vessels in the outer extremities to preserve heat in the more vital central area of the body. this constriction creates a blood pressure rise, which causes the kidneys to produce more urine in order to lower the blood pressure by expelling excess fluid. the result is more frequent bathroom trips on cold nights. i went to the bathroom twice overnight before i finally rolled into my comforter. from that point on i slept soundly, no more urges to go.

GC went to work at 9:30am this morning, early for him. i woke up before 9am, already used the bathroom and showered.

the big thing i had to do today was trying to see if i could get the we contribute interactive to work. built back during my squid days about a decade ago, i couldn't remember the interface but recalled it took photos using a webcam and then projected it onto a 2nd monitor as a slideshow. i had to dig out my old dell PC from the guest bedroom closet (asked GC for permission), then find the necessary cables to hook everything up. it all felt very nostalgic. i haven't touched director in ages, but i couldn't dig into the source code even if i wanted to as director wasn't even installed on this test machine. i didn't have to anyway, as i was able to run the executable file but just with multiple error messages. none of the errors had to do with video capture, which meant we embedded the xtra within the program at some point. the bugs were indexing errors, which i managed to deduce was because it couldn't find the photos directory, and when it did, there wasn't the required amount of jpeg images (20). once i created the folder and added the necessary dummy files, the interactive worked flawlessly. all it took was 2 hours of debugging.

i didn't have lunch, just made a fruit smoothie, trying to use up the batch of over-ripe bananas sitting in the kitchen. it's the sort of thing that would attract fruit flies, but they've stayed away, instead the few that are in the ouse hover around the cherry pits in the living room trash can while i try to smack them into oblivion one by one. i haven't seen any today, i believe my fruit fly genocide was successful.

i vacuumed today, it's been long overdue. of course i always seem to pick a hot day to do it, and the vacuum cleaner seems to make it even hotter. i'm always surprised by how much dust gets sucked up, makes me realize how dusty the house can get. maybe i vacuum daily instead of once every few weeks. i also decided to hang my cloth/canvas shopping bags on the hooks in the foyer. since it's too hot for coats and jackets, those hooks have been empty.

i biked to market basket in the afternoon to pick up some groceries. i went on my fuji with my kelty backpack to carry everything back. i decided to make my spinach ricotta quiche tomorrow night, so needed some ingredients. i made it back in april and seemed to have found a good recipe (the secret is ham). while leaving the supermarket, i spotted an unusual pikachu. although a low level mon, it took a lot of ultra balls and razz berries to finally capture the pikachu: an ash hat pikachu to be precise (or as i like to call it, an asshat pikachu).

instead of taking the motorcycle, i decided to extend my cycling streak and left for belmont via bike, arriving around 3:40pm. i've been exclusively biking for over a week now, and i haven't seen any weight loss. i still average 146 lbs. the only thing is it doesn't seem to be getting any higher than that, so at least there's that.

after dinner i returned to cambridge by 7:30pm. GC was cooking dinner while i put away the bicycle (rain expected overnight and all of tomorrow). no seafood this time, so at least for tonight i was safe from smells. he ate in the kitchen, watching season 2 of rick and morty on his tablet. unlike his normal routine, he didn't come into the living room afterwards. my guess is he had some astrophysicist work. he didn't however finally come out around 10pm, to watch 2 more breaking bad episodes until almost midnight.

i finished watching episode 9 of the twin peak revival. i'm starting to hate the new series. david lynch is a bonafide weirdo and i am not onboard with his shenanigans. as far as i'm concerned, he peaked with mulholland drive (2001) and everything he's done since has been some personal project which nobody can decipher. the pacing of the new series is so slow and he has a cast of 200+ characters, so it's like celebrity cameo bingo. last night's episode included tim roth and jennifer jason leigh, obviously some sort of tarantino players exchange program, their talents wasted playing hillbilly assassins with a few lines of inane dialogue. i guess everybody wants a chance to say they've worked with lynch, regardless of the project. i've been reading reviews, trying to make sense of all this madness. by in large, critics still seem to love the show. are they seeing something i'm not or is it simply pontification, so-called intellectuals showing how smart they are?