GC woke up at 8:55am, spent 25 minutes in the bathroom, no shower, made some breakfast in the kitchen (or was he just preparing his lunch), then finally left at 9:30am. i couldn't wait for him to leave so i could finally use the bathroom without having to worry that he'd need to use it before work. the fact that he wakes up at 9am is going to be a problem because that's also the time i wake up too. i can either wake up earlier or wake up later if i don't want to run into him.

in the early afternoon i went to rite aid to pick up my 3 high blood pressure medication. coming back, i stopped by the community garden.

i think i finally figured out what that mysterious plant in my garden plot is, the one that i thought might be citronella from the wrinkly leaves. while walking through the garden after watering my own plot, i saw a plant that looked remarkably similar, but with pink flowers. i thought it was some sort of primrose, but primroses have a very distinctive stamens that didn't look like these flowers. i don't know what they are yet, but at least i have an idea what kind of flowers will bloom.

in the afternoon i went with my parents on a supply run, first to restaurant depot, then the chelsea market basket. my mother also wanted to visit the newly-relocated rosev ice cream distributor, but there simply wasn't anymore storage space in the toyota. besides, it was a hot day, and they already had some frozen food that needed to get back to the cafe. rosev would have to wait another day.

coming back though cambridge it was already a few minutes past 5pm. knowing my roommate's schedule, i thought, wouldn't it be funny if we saw him walking home? sure enough, we saw him leisurely strolling down linnaean street, wearing the red t-shirt i saw him in this morning.

in belmont i feasted on some market basket fried chicken, wings, and sweet potato fries. i took the bus home. as often the case, the bus appeared right as i as approaching the end of the street and left without me. fortunately it was still considered "rush hour" and there were many buses running, even though i was going against traffic. i only had to wait a few minutes (with the blinding western setting sun in my eyes) before another bus showed up. there was only a handful of people onboard, as expected. the AC was cranked up to high and it was actually pretty cold on the bus, but a welcomed relief from the heat outside. i got off at harvard square where a tibetan freedom protest was happening in the pit. i wanted to take photos but was afraid they would suspect me of ulterior motives, a chinese person documenting people at a tibetan independence event.

when i came home the house smelled of shrimps. GC was watching tv in the living room. i went to the kitchen, opened some windows, lit candles, and set the box fan running, trying to get rid of some of the smell. GC is a fan of game of thrones and we watched the last episode of last season on HBO. he went to go take a shower at 11pm and disappeared off to bed without saying another word.