i woke up this morning to watch james comey's testimony before the senate intelligence committee. it was interesting because of the historical implication should this be the beginning of the end for trump and a possible obstruction of justice charge. but the testimony itself became a little boring, as there were no real bombshells. senators seem to love to talk, and maybe questions were repeatedly asked, as if nobody was really listening to each other, and everyone was just using their allotted time to make themselves sound smart.

after planting the astilbe in my backyard (i used some of paul's unopened organic chicken manure fertilizer), i loaded up my rear bike baskets with some bricks i saved from my old garden plot and went to the community garden to add them to my new plot. i was the only gardener there, the one other person was a girl having lunch on a bench by the western side of the garden. it was a beautiful warm day, temperature in the mid-70's.

afterwards i took the motorcycle to belmont around 1:30pm. once i arrived i was outside mowing the lawn for the next hour. all this rain we've been having recently have made the grass especially green. i sucked on a lollipop the whole time i was mowing. i managed to get two bags of grass clippings which i added to the compost pile. i did some weeding, pulling up the creeping bellflowers; pulling them up by the roots is just a temporary fix, since the tubers are still below ground. to really get rid of them i need to dig underground. i also planted a few korean melons (RB1, RB3, RB4) and some sweet basil (RB0).

my mother told me she sold her crochet pikachu doll for $15 to a customer. she actually didn't want to sell it, but it'd take her just a day to make another one. i also suggested she should make some crochet pokeballs.

my father helped me remove a sheared bolt on one of the aluminum struts for my fuji bike (i removed it a few days ago). he sanded one end of the bolt with a dremel tool then tapped it out with a nail and a hammer. now i will try reinstalling it back onto the bike with my rivet gun which i've never used.

for dinner we ordered domino's pizza. we just got one pizza this time (bacon-garlic-banana peppers on garlic parmesan sauce) along with a side order of sweet habanero chicken wings and a chicken caesar salad. for some reason i could only use one coupon with online ordering so i ended up splitting the order in two. my father and i went down to trapelo road to pick up our order around 6pm.

after dinner i returned home. there was nothing worth watching on television (not even the news, more comey senate testimony coverage and i already know the weekend weather) so i spent the evening getting lost surfing the web, a lot of political coverage news as well as reddit.

i went down to the basement to see if the rivet would fit on the rear rack. the diameter was fine, but the length was too short. so now tomorrow i will go to home depot and try to find the right combination of nut-bolt-washer to reattach the strut.

i was looking for my taiwanese passport and identity card but couldn't find it where it should've been. i searched multiple times but it was simply gone. i finally had to go looking through my archive of boxed travel documents stashed in my closet. i was starting to lose hope, but finally found the passport followed by the id card.

sunmeng contacted me in the evening, told me she was going on vacation to the philippines in less than 2 weeks, to cebu, with a chinese tour group. i told her it will be easy for her since many people there speak english. she said had she known she could've gone on her own. wangyan recently came back from the philippines, she went to siquijor, a small island south of cebu.