today the rain finally stopped and the temperature finally warmer, so it was a good day to catch a matinee. the movie? wonder woman of course! i left at 9:30am via motorcycle to see the 10:15am showing at the assembly row 12. i didn't think the theater would be open until 10am so i was waiting outside, before i saw a couple walking right in. i remember a movie was just a movie, but now there's all these different options: standard, IMAX 3D, and 3D. i'm old school so i went with standard ($6.79). the other unique thing about assembly row 12 (or perhaps it's the new thing with new movie theaters) are the reserved seatings. gone are the days of worrying about finding seats, but i personally like the old system, since now it doesn't give people any incentive to arrive early, so you have people showing up late and interrupting the screening because they don't have to worry about finding seats.

the last time i was here - and the last time i saw a movie in the theatres - was mad max: fury road back in may 2015. i typically average one movie theatre movie a year. last year was going to be rogue one but i found a bootleg of the film online and ended up watching that despite the poor quality, and didn't feel like seeing the movie in the theatre afterwards.

my tub has started to be slow to drain again. sick of always having to treat it with drain declogger, i angrily grabbed the plunger and plunged the hell out of the drain. typically when the tub is slow to drain, even plunging it has no effect, and it's more for personal satisfaction than anything else, since eventually i still need to resort to the chemical method. but today i plunged it like i was out to get revenge. what was more surprising was the pool of water in the tub suddenly began to drain. for once plunging did something!

my mother helped my 2nd aunt reinforce the straps on her backpack. we did manage to break a sewing machine needle, which made a terrible snapping sound. now we are down to just a single needle so i'll need to get more at some point.

my mother told me that my grandmother arrived in san jose safe and sound, after all that airport drama last night. she hopes to come back next year, hopefully with better weather.