the rainstorm from yesterday was slowly tapering off. my mother reminded me to get some more oranges from haymarket. i finally left by 1:20pm via bicycle. i got the gold nugget oranges my mother's been raving about (14/$4) and the large mysterious clementines ($3/bag). i couldn't find the fancy plums from last weekend, but instead got some tiny mandarin oranges ($3/2 bags).

i came back via the charles river bike path to get to the cafe; it made a longer trip but i didn't have to worry about car traffic. the river is also a hotbed of pokemon activity, and i stopped a few times to stock up on some water mons. the riverbank is also home to turtles and cormorants sunning themselves. i also spotted a black-crown night heron which i snapped a few photos with my panasonic lumix.

approaching harvard square i noticed the large ferris wheel on the horizon. this was the first year that boston calling was being held at the harvard athletic field. it can still call itself boston calling instead of cambridge calling since technically the field is in allston, which is a part of boston.

when i arrived at the cafe i found zongzi everywhere; my mother had been making them for the duanwu holiday (AKA dragonboat festival) on tuesday. she made sweet zongzi, either of dates or alkaline water. my father returned with my grandmother and aunt, for their daily cafe visit. before i left, my godmother showed up and gave me a shaobing to take home. for some reason it began to rain but i was going home anyway so i didn't mind.

in the evening i made another chicken caesar salad for dinner, with the cold chicken cutlets i'd prepared 2 days ago. i didn't add any onions because i didn't want my breath to smell any worse for bruce and jack's wedding tomorrow afternoon.

karen was already home by then, got back around 6pm. i figured she'd have a quiet night at home but paula's friend uri called to invite her to dinner, as paula herself was going out with her in-laws. the only catch was karen had a patient at 8pm, so i had to entertain uri while she was busy. uri arrived in an all-white outfit. without her makeup, i almost didn't recognize her. i found out she works in the government as an event planner. they left after karen was done, went to cambridge common for drinks and food. they came back 2 hours later. i got uri's e-mail and sent her the link to the wedding photos. she went back to paula's place via uber.