another hot day (officially a may heat wave after hitting 90°F+ again today), so i went back to the community garden to make sure my plants were getting enough water. i managed to dig up 2 perennials (a lemon balm and maybe an oregano) and plant a few zucchini seeds in a dirt mound.

earlier i finished cleaning out my grow closet equipment and putting all the boxes that'd been sitting in my bedroom back into the closet.

i motorcycled to belmont where hailey was home alone. i let her out in the backyard as i watered the garden. later after hailey went back inside, i dug out some more bamboo rhizomes. covered in dirt and sweat, i took a shower (i brought a change of clothes) and stayed until 6pm. i left after feeding hailey.

pokemon go rock event this weekend, i managed to collect a few rock-related mons.

karen was actually home this morning, but she left before i got out of bed. she came back home around 6:30pm. i was surprised because i was just finishing changing in my room and didn't hear her coming into the house. she said today was paula's last day, but unfortunately the job offer she received was rescinded because they didn't want to deal with her visa situation. so now her next option is to marry her boyfriend so she can stay in the US while taking time to find a job that will sponsor her.

karen's friend was supposed to arrive in boston late tonight, but her plane leaving mexico city had mechanical problems and wouldn't leave until 8pm, arriving in newark at 2am. united (the carrier) gave her a voucher for a hotel, but with her flight to boston at 7am and needing to be at the airport by 5am, she will probably just sleep in the airport. the worst part is the moment she arrives in boston, karen plans on taking her on a cambridge bike ride beginning at 10am. i hope her friend doesn't collapse from exhaustion.

cherries are finally on sale at the supermarkets! star market had them for $2.47/lbs. i raced out and got a bag, shared it with karen, where cherries are an expensive delicacy in mexico.

game 2 between cleveland and boston was even more of a disaster than game 1. at certain points the celtics were done more than 50 points. boston has no business facing off against an elite team like the cavaliers.