i'm a quarter way through brandon sanderson's the way of kings, the first book in a long series. there are several thousand amazon reviews and the average rating for the book is 5 stars. they say it's the next lord of the rings or game of thrones. i'm usually not much of a fantasy genre fan, but it sort of goes hand-in-hand with scifi, so occasionally i dabble. the language isn't as developed as george r.r. martins, but the world building is something else. i keep trying to picture it as a movie or show, and i can't imagine how it could ever possibly be made, as the special effects budget would be unsustainable.

today is the last cold day of spring. beginning tomorrow the chilly legacy of winter will finally be over and i expect warm days from now on. tomorrow is also a big garden day as i plan on transplanting my seedlings. this long stretch of grey and cold weather is terrible for my plants. they can't go back in the closet either since they're already too tall. hopefully they aren't too stunted and the warmth and sun will accelerate their growth.

i left the house just once, in the late afternoon, with a craving for licorice. i went to the local rite aid thinking it was cold (upper 50's) but it felt surprisingly warm, almost humid. when i got there they had none of the licorice i was looking for so instead i came home with some chocolate.

this weekend i've just been binging on junk food. with karen the nutritionist not coming back until thursday night, there's nobody here to judge me if i finish a whole bag of pork rinds or a bar of chocolate. the warm weather can't arrive soon enough as i need to be outside and exercising to worth off all this additional calories.

my father came back from new york city in the afternoon. as long as my grandmother is here in town, my aunt has decided she won't be working, so my parents have to be at the cafe everyday for the next few weeks.

i finally finished the last of my mexican chicken soup for dinner. my adventure in hominy isn't quite over however, as i plan on making pozole tomorrow. i'm soaking a cup of dried hominy overnight. one cup of dried hominy is supposed to give me about 4-1/2 cups of cooked hominy. i'll believe it when i see it.

in the evening i streamed game 7 of the semi-conference NBA championship between the washington wizards and the boston celtics on TNT. i got a good stream this time, only hiccuped a handful of times, not like game 6 on ESPN roku streaming, where it hiccuped practically ever minute. it was a great game, the celtics won it in the end to face a well-rested cleveland cavaliers on wednesday night. the consensus is lebron james and company will win the series, and meet the golden state warriors in the final. but i'm still going to watch all the games. i'll root for lebron if he wins, but while the celtics are still in the playoffs, i'm rooting for boston.