today was my last day of peace before karen's friends take over my house. after using the bathroom and taking a shower while listening to NPR, i made an omelette for lunch (diced ham, leftover salsa, shaved parmesan cheese, jalapeño sauce). i used the ceramic non-stick pan, that thing doesn't even seem to need any oil, the egg slide right off.

i tried playing around with the mosaic/lightbox/lazyload code. i managed to figure out how to get away with just one url address for the images, where the lightbox code would look in lazyload's data-original tag instread of the href tag. that seemed to work, but there was a complication: without an href, clicking on an image to open it in a new tab wouldn't work. so there's no way to get around it, i need both an href url (for lightbox/tab-opening) and a data-original url (for lazyload). tweaking the lazyload code so it looks in the href for an image might be an idea, but it seems unusual. i'll just learn to live with it.

i also updated the weblog to https. i had the security certificate for a while, just never did anything with it. but security and privacy seems to be on everyone's mind now that internet providers can sell our private web browsing data to 3rd party vendors (thanks republican congress!), so i figured i might as well join the club for more secure browsing. it's kind of overkill, because my weblog doesn't have any private transactions, it's more just for show.

after lunch i performed the vital but unpleasant task of thinning out of my seedlings, which will help the remaining seedlings to grow better. one reason i don't thin sooner is so i have a surplus seedlings to replace the ones that never germinated in empty cups. but now all the cups are occupied, and the seedlings all seem to look healthy enough to surprise, so it was time to thin them out. while i was at it i also replanted 2 surplus mallow seedlings in 2 empty cups that were originally supposed to be for lupines that never germinated. one of the mallow seedlings seem to do okay, the other started to sag after a few hours.

i wanted to go to the supermarket before the snowstorm tomorrow, but i only had time to run one errand, so i decided to go to the community garden instead and move some overwintering larkspurs from my old plot (34) to the new plot (22). it was pleasant sunny day with temperature in the 50's but felt warmer than that. it's just hard to imagine that by tomorrow it will be snowing. i managed to relocate 6 patches of larkspurs, and collected two larger patches for myself to grow elsewhere. still not a lot of activity in the garden, besides the crocuses. it won't matter though because by tomorrow it'll all be buried under the snow.

i biked to belmont in the afternoon. i was surprised when i found the stretch of huron avenue bike lane along fresh pond with the sycamore trees had been cleaned of debris. i wasn't expecting this until the end of april, or whenever the first street cleaning for this area was. you'll recall, just last week i was noticing how poorly maintained that stretch of road was for cyclists. maybe somebody complained to the city. free of debris, that area is really nice to ride now, and unlike in the streets, remarkably free of potholes.

my mother was sleeping while my father made dinner again, and once more we ate early, before 6pm, this time curry rice. i left for cambridge before 7pm. once more, karen was already home by the time i got back, the bicycle parked in the backyard (she biked to work today). she told me yesterday that not only is her canadian friend is coming tomorrow, but she's also bringing two additional canadians in some sort of ride sharing enterprise. karen said she's making lunch tomorrow, and would invite her coworker friend as well. she also told me that her harvard conference tomorrow doesn't start until noontime, so that means she'll be home for most of the day. which explained why instead of going to sleep early tonight like normal, she was talking on the phone with friends until well past 1am.

the pokemon go water event ended late last night. i noticed today that it was all back to generic mons again. it was fun while it lasted, but i'm probably going to take a break from playing, or at least not be so obsessive about it, like trying to get the streak bonuses. it is after all a game for children, i have better things to do with my adult time!

(trying out some new layout elements with this posting. full-size single photos and more dynamically-generated mosaics. these new photo elements are full resolution so they look better on a laptop with high dpi (like a retina display) or on a smartphone screen)