i was so engrossed in migrating my stylesheet to an external file that i didn't eat lunch until after 1pm. lacking the motivation to make something, i microwaved two hot pockets instead. it filled my hunger but the orange processed cheese filling wasn't very healthy. as for the css, i should've made the move to an external file a long time ago, instead of having everything live in the html. my next project is to streamline the layout; it'll still look the same but there won't be as many nested div tags.

i rode to belmont in the afternoon. now that i've fixed the kickstand noise, the bike operates so smoothly. along fresh pond i found my first totodile. it took a little bit of work, because i saw it before it blinked away. i had to backtrack to a pokestop before the mon appeared again. a girl walking a dog asked me where the nearest path to fresh pond was.

my parents wanted me to do taxes for my 2nd aunt and my grand uncle. they also needed my help with my sister's godmother's taxes. printed them out for her over the weekend, but for some reason she decided to mix up the state and federal taxes, and then couldn't figure out the right order. i had to reorganize her tax documents using the pdf on my laptop.

i brought a small pyrex jar of the sichuan-style sauerkraut for my parents to try. my mother said it was a little bitter (due to all the sichuan peppercorns) and dry, my father said it was good (tasted like regular sichuan paocai) but noticed it was dry as well.

both my parents took an afternoon nap. my father was knocked out by the prescription guaiatussin ac syrup (combination of guaifenesin and codeine) for his persistent cough since returning from taiwan, my mother slept in the living room. in the late evening my father woke up to make dinner.

i returned home by 7pm, the sky barely at sunset. from the dhcp client list i knew karen had been home since 6:20pm. it seems like she'd already had dinner, lounging in the living room with the ceiling light on, drinking a mug of my tahitian vanilla hazelnut tea (i didn't think she drank tea, and of all the teas she could've chose, she picked the one i didn't want to share).

i asked karen about juarez, mexico, if it was a dangerous city, since my friend wangyang told me last night her company might be sending her there (as well as el paso) sometime soon. juarez went from a reported murder rate of around 3600 annually a year ago to now just 300. then we started talking about mexican food, and then dearth of mexican grocery stores in the area. i asked her to ask her boyfriend to bring me some sand from merida. later she retired to her room for a video conference with a patient.

i watched the season finale of legion, streaming from the verizon live tv website. i followed the show from the start, but i don't know if it was as good as people say it was. it definitely has a lot of interesting style flourishes, but story-wise it was pretty bare-boned. definitely more style than substance. i'll be watching season 2 but i wouldn't really recommend this show to anyone.

i downloaded the expanse (it's on during the same time as legion), hoping to watch it later tonight before i go to sleep.