i had plans of going to the community garden to relocate some larkspur seedlings from my old plot to my new plot (do it soon before the city begins construction). that was before it started to snow and rain outside. not too bad, but enough to require an umbrella. instead i moved the trek mountain to the basement (karen hasn't been biking since tuesday) and then changed the 9V battery on the lone smoke detector (i heard it beeping earlier this week). i went to the dollar store to get some baking soda (for the refrigerator, not for baking), but it was really an excuse to go out and look for some more pokemons. today's new catch: the qwilfish. i didn't even have to go out though (although i did want to maintain my pokestop streak), because it just appeared while i was at home.

the snapdragons have germinated. at first i thought it was green algae growing on top of the soil, until i looked more carefully and realized they were tiny seedlings. i'd forgotten how small they were! the fordhook tall variety seemed to all have germinated, but the margic carpet variety are a few days behind. that made me curious to see if my balloon flowers and columbines have germinated yet, in their little growhouse outside: they have not.

i've been watching star wars: rebels for a few weeks now. it's my new nightly routine, i watch an episode or two in bed on my android phone with the showbox app. i was never interested in the animated star wars series, especially since clone wars was tied in with the prequels, and i wanted nothing to do with them. i didn't realize there was a new series called rebels which takes place a few years before new hope. after watching rogue one, my interest in the star wars universe grew and i decided to check it out rebels. i still wasn't onboard initially, thought the animated series was more for kids. but it kind of grew on me, and it's easy story lines was easy on the brain before bed, so i kept watching. currently in more than halfway into season 2. i hope to catch up eventually, as season 3 is currently ongoing.

just playing around with a few difference lenses:

in the afternoon i waited for the house vote on the republican health care repeal/replace bill that was postponed from yesterday. who knows what kind of closed door negotiations was happening last night and much of today. but the word on the street was the republicans still didn't have enough votes, and paul ryan even informed trump that it wasn't going to pass, despite trump pushing for a vote anyway. the vote still kept delayed repeatedly, until in the late afternoon it was announced that the vote was cancelled since republicans lacked the necessary number of votes.

so it looks like obamacare will survive after all, or until the republicans can create a new bill, which won't be anytime soon. trump offered some comments from the oval office after the defeat, blamed the democrats for voting against the bill, when in fact the republicans had the numbers, until the ultraconservative and moderate republicans started defecting. we may never know the actual numbers had the bill gone to vote, but i heard a rumor that perhaps a lot more republican congress people was going to vote against it when they knew the bill wasn't going to pass.

i finished some leftover risotto for dinner. karen came home around 8:30pm, then had to videochat with a client at 10pm.