my sister texted me at 6am telling me i needed to shovel the area around the cafe. i ignored her until i woke up this morning and saw it must've continued snowing overnight because there was a fresh layer on the sidewalk, a couple of inches, enough to shovel. but when i called her, she said her friend jeff volunteered to clear the sidewalk using the snowblower. i went out to do some shoveling and cleaning the car.

karen left the house at 11am to meet up with a friend near kendall square. i went out soon after that, via bicycle, to pick up my 0.05% fluocinonide gel prescription ($3.65) from the somerville street rite aid pharmacy, then down to the family dollar store on cambridge street to pick up two packages of 16oz. plastic cups (2 packs, 34 count per pack, $2 each). it wasn't as cold as last saturday, but my face and hands hurt, that stinging cold pain, like being blasted with liquid nitrogen. speaking of which, a red circular bruising has formed around my wart where the dermatologist applied the cryotherapy treatment.

by the time i came back to the house around 1pm, karen was already home. she was in the kitchen working and videochatting with her boyfriend the rest of the day, all the way until 5pm. she left for a kidney donor dinner event at 6pm, getting a ride from her coworker friend paula.

for dinner i cooked up some chinese ramen. before i could even boil the noodles, i decided to throw it away because it smelled very chemically. i then opened up a package of korean ramen. surprisingly, it also had a similar chemical smell. i cooked it up anyway, but it tasted something awful, so i tossed it out as well. i finally settled on a canned soup, some kind of thick potato and bacon chowder, which also tasted awful, but i ate it anyway, spending the rest of the night waiting for possible side effects of food poisoning.

karen came home around 11pm.