it's no secret that during the winter season i wake up late, around 10am typically. with it being so cold in the house, i'm reluctant to leave the warmth of the bed. while my parents are gone, i'm in charge of noontime lunch delivery for my grand uncle. so my daily routine these days after waking up is i have less than 2 hours of waiting before i have to leave for the cafe. that's enough time to use the bathroom and take a shower, but i don't usually eat lunch until i return home.

i ended up staying at my grand uncle's place for an hour. first i waited for him to finish eating so i could take the dishes back. my sister was there as well. towards the end my grand uncle seemed a little anxious, gesturing with his hand, but not saying anything. i washed two of his spoons and put them back on his shelf, but he took them and threw them onto the floor. apparently he only wanted one spoon there. i'd heard about his bad temper but this was my first time seeing it in person. afterwards i went back to the cafe, where my aunt asked me to get the trash can and the recycle bin, which for some reason were back at my grand uncle's place. i went there but it was missing, apparently the restaurant had taken it by mistake. my sister helped me find it and i took both containers back to the cafe. it was raining the whole time as well. before i left, i watered some plants, balancing the stepladder onto the wooden planks to reach the higher pots.

for lunch i made my apple chicken sausage oatmeal, sprinkled with chopped scallions and celery. i got whole grains old-fashioned oatmeal by mistake (instead of instant oatmeal), so it has a rougher texture. oatmeal can also be made with milk (instead of water), i might try that next time.

i made a quart jar of pear kvass back in november that's been sitting in the fridge ever since, taking up space. i'm been meaning to drink it, but the longer i waited, the scarier the prospect. i did taste test it back in january, just a sip. it was very fizzy, and i didn't get sick afterwards, so it seemed safe enough. 4 months later i'm finally going to drink it all. it was still very carbonated (despite not being in an air-tight container). it reminded me of beer, but with a pear taste. i wonder if has some alcohol in it? there was little bits of pear (or is that yeast?) suspended throughout. i didn't drink the last remaining portion because it had too much sentiment in it. i'm happy to report i didn't experience any side effects.

in the afternoon i began making half a dozen flan. my 2nd aunt requested this for my grand uncle, but i don't know how he's going to eat it. normally i invert the ramekin and dump the flan onto a plate, but with my grand uncle's limited dexterity, it'd be hard to eat. maybe he has to eat it from the ramekin itself. anyway, i made the flan, but it's going to take another 2 days before they're ready to eat, so not until thursday at the earliest. i could've made them last night but i didn't think i had enough room in the refrigerator, after having come back from the supermarket. but i did some cleaning today and created a little bit more room.

i had the timer set to one hour but must not have heard it from the living room until i suddenly remembered i had the flan still baking in the oven. i couldn't remember when i started the timer, but judging from the pale surface of the flan, it wasn't ready yet, so i let it bake for an additional 20 minutes. once the surface showed some browning, it was time to stop.

for dinner i made myself 2 tuna fish sandwiches and oven roasted another bundle of asparagus.

karen returned home at 9:30pm. she was at her coworker paula's house, creating nutritional food schedules for their clients. we chatted briefly before she went to her room to videochat with another patient in mexico.

i talked with my parents tonight. i was suspicious that my father didn't have any new items in his photo googles. turns out the xiaomi redmi note 3 phone had a broken recharge port and was in the repair shop these past few days getting fixed.