this morning i was coughing up big globs of pale yellow phlegm. i thought i was on the fast road to recovery but hours later my nose began to run again. my voice has also changed from the congestion.

temperature today would hit the 50's, which is unusual, as tomorrow we're expected to get more than a foot of snow. perhaps this would be my last day of biking for a while, so i took advantage of the nice weather by riding the fuji to market basket to grab some grocery items to last me for the next few days. i also stocked up on kleenex as i'm starting to run out from all the nose blowing i've been doing.

in the afternoon i tagged along with my parents for a supply run to the everett restaurant depot. afterwards i could return to belmont with them and come home on my bike in the garage that i behind on sunday night. my mother still couldn't stop talking about the superbowl game this past sunday, even watched the rebroadcast several times with my father. i game them some more tidbits, like how at one point the patriots only had a 0.4% chance of winning.

on the way back from everett i collected 2 new pokemons: porygon and lickitung. both are one-off creatures that don't evolve. there seems to be a profusion of likitungs today as i encountered 2 more (one escaping) and saw them all over the tracker. maybe it's a valentine's day promotion, but overall there seems to be an increase in pink-colored pokemons: likitungs, clefairies, and jigglypuffs. out of the possible 149 pokemons in my pokedex, i have caught 80 of them and seen 108. there are still 41 i haven't encountered yet.

after dropping off the supplies at the cafe, we arrived in belmont, where i ate some specialty sushi one of my parents' friend gave them. i also had some fermented glutinous rice with glutinous rice balls and eggs, a birthday specialty since it was my father's and aunt's birthday today.

for dinner we went over to my aunt's house where they invited us for indian food. the food was good and there was a lot of it, but the indian cuisine was deceptively filling despite being mostly vegetarian dishes. i ate so much, i felt like i was bursting, and every time i burped (which was quite often) i could taste the food.

dessert came in the form of a chestnut cream japanese style cheesecake. it looked a lot like the japanese cheesecake recipe i wanted to try. my aunt said it was puffier originally, but once the cake cooled down, it collapsed and shrank in size. the cake was good, but after just a single small slice, i was overcapacity and felt like i might vomit. just looking at the rest of the cake made me feel sick. we finally left around 9:30pm.

i rested a bit before finally leaving belmont by 10:20pm. it wasn't that cold, with temperature at 40°F, but the temperature would drop 1° every hour from now until tomorrow afternoon. i was feeling so stuffed, biking home was a challenge. i burped along the way, ready to pull over at any moment to possibly vomit. i finally made it back without any problems. after stowing my bike in the basement, i called bruce asking if he still needed an ethernet cable, since he called me earlier asking for one. i didn't quite catch what he wanted it for, but when i delivered the cable to his house (making sure not to knock on the door as jack was sleeping) i found out why. he was transferring the content of his old macbook to a new imac he bought recently. he'd been using the wifi to transfer the data but it was estimating upwards of 30+ hours. there was the option of using either a thunderbolt or ethernet cable. once he plugged in the cable the estimated transfer time began to drop steadily, with the possibility of perhaps taking less than an hour.

i returned home, where i spoke with karen. i had a suspicion her clinic would give her the day off tomorrow because of the impending snow and she confirmed it.