a day where i didn't go outside (it was seasonably cold, lower 30's), but stayed indoors, watched a little tv, surfed the web, retroactively updated a few belated blog posts. i've been watching crazyhead on netflix, a british show about two girlfriend demon hunters. i don't know if it's good or not, but there's only 6 episodes in the season and i'm already on episode 5. for lunch i ate an italian sub, used some of the deli meats (turkey and ham) karen asked me to finish for her because she discovered her work provides daily free finger sandwiches.

i did a bad thing today: finished a whole bag (7 oz.) of valentine sweethearts candy that i got from the dollar store a few days ago, not sure how much sugar i consumed, but i definitely wasn't hungry for much of the day (actually i do know: 190g of sugar, for 800 calories, although to my credit, i only really ate just half since i ate the other half yesterday).

but i also did a good thing: i took a blood pressure reading (with my circa 2009 omron hem-711dlx), the first time in a long time (since september, really since the last time i saw my doctor for my biannual), only because i have an annual physical in less than 2 weeks. i haven't measured in a while, but my reading was spectacularly normal, 118/81 with a 63 bpm. when i measured again in the late evening however, it was back up to 126/87 with a 63 bpm (i don't know the accuracy, as i measured through my shirt, which my doctor said was okay, but i think skin-to-cuff contact is better).

for dinner i heated up a bowl of leftover mexican chicken soup. i mixed in some curtido for some additional flavor and crunch. i may decide to bring a container to my parents tomorrow so they can try it. that will leave me with 2 more servings that i will eat next week.

karen came home later than usual, at 7:15pm. she was carrying shopping bags, i'm assuming she went shopping after work. she ate dinner in the living room while we chatted, but went to her room to skype a client at 8:30pm. she went to bed at 11pm.

it's friday, with less than 48 hours before super bowl LI. i didn't think much of it at first, but after reading some football articles about the matchup, i'm starting to get nervous again. not that i think the patriots will lose, but i'm prepared for that possibility, should it happen. i know what it'll mean if they win: that new england is the greatest team of all times. but what does it mean if they lose? brady and belichick (AKA B&B) aren't getting younger, if they lose this one, how many more chances will they get? i don't even want to think about that. right now i'm hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. i don't want it to be a close game, i don't think my heart can take that, but in all of patriots' past super bowl games, they've all been close.