i wrote samsung warranty service last night about my 2nd aunt's defective memory card. i didn't think i'd get a response back so soon but they replied this morning. all i had to do was send my name and address, reason for exchange, and photos (front and back) of the defective item. so that's what i did. it'd be great if i can really get a new microSDHC card in return, because i can never have too many memory cards (especially if i want to add to my raspberry pi collection).

i made myself another italian sub for lunch before riding down to market basket to get some mexican chicken soup ingredients. i typically make it once a year, usually during the winter. afterwards i rode to the cafe to drop off the carton of half-and-half my mother asked me to get. i also picked up my oneplus one phone, borrowed half a clove of garlic, reconnected the front webcam, then returned home.

as i didn't have my phone at the time, i wasn't able to use the endoscope to see if i could look down the bathtub drain and find the blockage. so instead i poured two containers of boiling water down the drain. when i next took a shower, there was better flow, and it didn't get clogged. i still don't know if it's a soft deposit obstruction or some hard like a piece of plumbing equipment. i also don't exactly know where the obstruction is, but it's somewhere in the plumbing. but perhaps the boiling water trick can be a temporary solution. i also bought a container of drain-o max gel ($4.19) that i can use the next time the drain gets clogged.

i began making my mexican chicken soup around 5:45pm. i had some leftover israeli couscous mix that i used up. it wasn't nearly a cup, so i added some leftover quinoa to make up the difference. i also had a piece of frozen chicken breast i'd been defrosting all day, to add to the 2 pieces of chicken breast i bought from the supermarket earlier. there was probably more shredded chicken than normal but it gave me a chance to use up that leftover chicken.

karen came home around 6:15pm right when i was making dinner. she got back a little later than usual, typically she's home before 6pm. i told her what i was doing and said she could have as much as she wanted when i finished. in the meantime she made a cucumber-tomato-mayonnaise salad she shared with me while waiting for the soup to finish cooking. the final result was pretty good, spicy and hearty. we both agreed that it needed more sodium as we sprinkled some sea salt into our bowls.

later in the evening i went back and got a second bowl of mexican chicken soup as one bowl wasn't enough. it was already slightly cool by then, but i added a tsp of salt into the pot. to my own bowl, i add some fermented curtido for some additional sour and spicy flavor, which kicked up the soup to another level.