this morning: the heat kicked in at 7am, as karen got ready for her first day of work. she had to be there by 10am, so had to leave no later than 9am. i was of course asleep, didn't hear a single thing. when i eventually did wake up after a restful night of slumber (i was pretty tired from walking the whole day), i saw a new jar of leftover coffee on the kitchen counter. i did notice she opened the blinds in the kitchen.

i had a hankering for fermentation so i fixed myself a big plate of scrambled eggs, kielbasa, and sauerkraut for lunch, washed down with a frozen fruit vanilla almond milk smoothie.

i got a chance to use the endoscope that arrived on saturday night. it connects to my android phone via the microUSB recharge port, and operates through the cameraFi app. it takes some practice to use because it only has a macro focus distance of just 2 inches, so any closer and the image is blurry. i snaked it down my bath tub drain, both from the bottom and the top (runoff drain). the cable isn't very rigid so the camera has a tendency to point to the inner wall of the pipe instead of straight ahead. what i discovered was kind of surprising: there was no blockage in my pipes. as far as i could tell, it was perfectly clean inside. so that's really confusing why the drain would clog. i'll do a more thorough inspection when i get the chance.

i biked to my parents' place for some dinner. temperature was in the 30's but it felt colder. maybe all these weeks of unusually warm winter weather has made me soft. i showed my father the endoscope, he was surprised by how inexpensive it was. we found another use for the device: for inspecting earwax. a bit before 6pm i checked the DHCP client list on my home router and saw that karen was home by the fact that her iphone was online. i remotely turned on the heat for her via the nest thermostat. after dinner i returned home and it was even colder. up in the sky there wasn't any clouds, just stars. why do people live here when it's so cold? i thought to myself.

back at the house, it smelled like something was burnt. karen had been cooking in the kitchen, an oily radius of splatter on my stovetop. that's it, one month only. i asked about her commute this morning, she ended up taking the 47 bus because she thought CT2 leaves from central square. she told me that she might decide to walk to central square in the mornings, not so far (35 minutes), and it'd give her some exercise. her coworker paula was coming by and taking her to market basket. she left at 8pm and didn't return until 9pm, right when market basket was closing. she told me she wasn't able to go to the bank today, but promised me to get me the other half of the rent by tomorrow.

i caught the super bowl media day event through the ESPN streaming app. atlanta falcons went first, followed by the patriots (around 10pm). i don't know if the players and coaches like this sort of thing, answering questions, some of them pretty asinine, particularly from those trying to milk it for a self-promotional publicity stunt.