i finally finished watching the wailing (2016) late last night. i'd actually stopped with 30 minutes left to go, but then i couldn't sleep thinking about what was going to happen next so i finished the rest of it through netflix on my phone. it's a very good movie, but hard to define. the ending was purposely ambiguous and slightly confusing that i had to look for explanation online afterwards. there are multiple theories - some very far-fetched - but i think i have an idea of what the movie's all about. it helped that i rewatched it again this morning on fast-forward scrubbing, so many clues throughout the film that builds to the climatic conclusion. it's a horror movie, yes, but it's also a psychological thriller, about the things we do when we don't have all the necessary information, or how others can sway us in our decisions with their ulterior motives.

i woke up earlier than usual to call fawcett energy about getting a repair person to come take a look at my parents' oil furnace. they couldn't pin down an appointment but did take my number and said they'd call me back.

i'd forgotten about my 3rd batch of sauerkraut. feels like it's been fermenting a long time but it's only been 6 days. there was a crusty pool of dried salty sauerkraut juice on the fermenting jar lid. the airlock is still bubbling. i'm hoping to let this jar ferment for 3 weeks if possible.

for lunch i heated up 2 leftover slices on pizza on the pan. i scorched the bottom and left the house with the smell of burnt bread. it was only in the teens this morning but the temperature slowly crept into the 20's. it was cold enough in the house that i cranked up the heat to 65°F again (normally it fires in the morning and i leave it dropping down to 60° before i turn up the thermostat in the evening).

my parents went to costco and 88 supermarket after work and i tagged along. i picked up some ingredients for making a second batch of kimchi (napa cabbage on sale for 38¢/lbs., some garlic chives, fresh korean red pepper powder, ginger, garlic).

we didn't get back to belmont until well after 5:30pm. fortunately the traffic wasn't too bad. while my parents made dinner, i was factory resetting an ipad that belonged to a friend of theirs. her son helped her set it up many years ago, but they're no longer on speaking terms, and she forgot her apple password, so it was easier just to start all over, as she didn't have many apps to begin with. after the reset, i upgraded the OS from 8.0 to 9.0, and downloaded youtube, line, and a mahjong app. i was only able to set up her apple account, as her yahoo e-mail was blocked (needed a second authentication factor which was a pin texted to her phone), and she couldn't remember her line account password when we called her.

after dinner i got a ride back to cambridge. a very cold night, but there's a 3-day stretch of 50's degrees weather starting on wednesday, which will melt away much of this snow.