some strange weather hitting the boston area in the final days of 2016. it's supposed to rain today, then transition into snow by evening, finally changing back to rain for the rest of the night. elsewhere, in areas north and west of boston, the precipitation was coming down as wet snow, a messy ugly affair. eliza contacted me, she planned on visiting my place with theo tomorrow, but because of the bad weather, her visit to her mother in newburyport would be postponed until tomorrow.

day 9 of my second sauerkraut ferment featured the cabbage juice in my air lock flowing back into the jar. fermentation hasn't stopped completely because there are still bubbles being produced around the rim of the floating bell. but the fermentation has subsided enough that i think the sauerkraut is no longer being pushed to the top of the jar. there's no cabbage juice in the neck of the airlock, which i haven't seen since the first day i started, back when things were just beginning to ferment. i'm sort of curious as to what the sauerkraut tastes like but i'm going to wait until i have a full 2 weeks (14 days) of fermentation before opening the jar for the very first time.

i should really start my 3rd jar of sauerkraut at this point, so i will have more fresh sauerkraut by the time i finish eating this 2nd jar. next time i'm at the supermarket i'll need to pick up a new head of green cabbage. eating sauerkraut makes me feel healthy, because god knows i don't eat enough vegetables, so i feel like this is a good substitute. i like putting sauerkraut on everything i eat.

in the afternoon my father came to pick me up to take my 2nd aunt to the local comcast office so she can sign up for basic cable. by then it was already raining, heavy wet drops. there were a lot more people than when i went on tuesday, like everyone was trying to settle their cable business before the new year, but our name got called up with just a short wait, despite our position on the wait list. after collecting the necessary personal information, our agent gave up a new cable box along with the necessary cables and remote. afterwards it was a quick trip to my aunt's apartment (passing through davis square i caught my first ever pikachu and a christmas pikachu at that) to set up the cable box before bringing her back to the cafe. i left with my parents to belmont.

the rain was coming down more heavily than before. since my father was going to give me a ride home anyway in the evening, we could also swing by the cafe and pick up my aunt after she closed up shop, so she wouldn't have to walk/bus home in this weather. after dinner we left for the cafe. by then the rain was already coming down as wet slush. we dropped off my aunt first before dropping me off at my place.

conditions were so wet outside, it didn't seem like any snow would be able to stick, but the temperature must've dropped, because soon enough everything outside was becoming coated in wet snow. it wouldn't last though, the forecast calls for more rain later in the evening into the early morning, which will wash away everything.