the bulk of NFL games were being played today, saturday, christmas eve. maybe out of holiday generosity the league was allowing players to spend christmas with their families, but i think the reason may be more monetary, since many viewers will be busy with holiday celebrations tomorrow, no time to watch the games if they'd be held on their traditional sunday. regardless, i was ready for a saturday of football, starting with the jets-patriots game at 1pm.

the game wasn't even close. for the first time in a long time i saw new england put on a dominating performance, just in time with the playoffs weeks away. the final score was 41-3, with jimmy garoppolo substituting for brady at the end of the 3rd quarter.

after the game my mother and i went to the mt.auburn star market to pick up a few things before all the supermarkets close for tomorrow. we weren't the only ones with the same idea as the place was fairly busy. we noticed that almost everyone who was there was buying some form of alcohol, whether it be wine or beer (it wouldn't be the holidays without booze).

we ended up baking the ham we got from costco 4 days ago. my mother wanted to cook the whole thing but i suggested we only bake half since there was a lot of ham to eat (9lbs. total). she also made some cornbread and stirfry asparagus.

we don't have a habit of eating ham for christmas (as we barely celebrate christmas anyway) but maybe this might be the beginning of a new tradition. the ham turned out pretty good, especially with the sweet red currant glaze. of the half we baked, we only managed to eat about 1/3.

when i got back home i went across the street to my local star market to buy some more asparagus that was on sale. even when i saw the empty parking lot i didn't get the hint until i was finally at the store and looked inside and saw it was devoid of humans. it was almost 8pm, but they probably closed early today, like 6pm. i returned home, carefully walking as there was a slick invisible layer of ice on the sidewalks.