as much as i'd have loved to eat another healthy serving of sauerkraut and kielbasa, i'd been gifted with too many pastries, so i spent the day consuming carbs. in the afternoon i left the house to run errands: to walgreens to pick up a few things, to market basket to stock up on pomegranate seltzer, then finally star market to deposit some cans and buy some tea.

in the late afternoon my 2nd aunt called me to let me know she was home. so i went down to the cafe to pick up the unused DTA box, then rode to my aunt's place to help her install the antenna so she can watch TV. she's able to get the main channels, but the one that was important - 48.1 daystar religious broadcasting - her apartment complex just can't seem to receive, no matter where i put the antenna. my uncle will have to settle for 62.1 the sonlife broadcasting network (of jimmy swaggart ministries) for the time being. next week when my other antennas arrive i might try one of those, or they might just spring for the cheap $10/month cable which essentially gets them the channels they're supposedly supposed to get free over the airwaves.

i made it back home a bit before peak rush hour but the sky was already darkening as i rode down mass ave. mass ave is a place - at least the north cambridge section - that will never get bike paths, there's just not enough room. riding can be a challenge, as one jostles with two lanes of moving traffic and a lane of parked cars. the question is whether i want to get hit from behind or doored from the front. that's why i wore my helmet, but little good that would do in a collision.

i watched the handmaiden (2016), park chan-wook latest film. it's such a great movie, i'm glad i went in knowing almost nothing about the film except what i saw from a trailer many months ago. the film is sumptuous in its cinematography and storytelling, all colors and emotions and exquisite set design. one of the best movies i've seen this year.