my mother said she was making belgian waffles today for lunch so i got up early to get ready to leave for belmont. it was raining this morning and much of the snow that fell yesterday had melted. temperature was in the upper 50's. armed with an umbrella, i walked down to harvard square to take the 73 bus. i made the rookie mistake of paying when i got on (everybody knows you pay when you get off on the 73) but the driver seemed to remember and didn't ask me to swipe when i got off the bus.

i arrived at my parents' place a bit after noontime. instead of waffles however, we had these instant pancakes my mother got at ikea.

parts of my body hurts from all the snow shoveling i did yesterday: my left shoulder and left pectoral muscles, and my right thigh. it's not too bad, just a bit sore, i'll be back to normal in a few days.

although there were plenty of birds yesterday, there were zero birds at the feeders today. not even a bird hiding in the trees. what happened? the weather seemed perfect for birds, warm, not particularly windy. maybe a predator bird was spotted in the area and scared them all away.

sunday's all about football. in the early afternoon: lions-giants, steelers-bengals. then in the late afternoon was the patriots-broncos game. brady has a 2-7 record in denver, and new england's past 2 visits have all ended in loses, including the conference final last year. it was a tough game, defense-oriented, low-scoring. patriots managed to score some points, including the only touchdown of the game off of a broncos turnover. new england ended up winning, final score 16-3.

after dinner i took the bus home again just like yesterday, after consulting the schedule (7:40pm bus). i knew the bus was going to be late because while i was waiting, i saw the bus go by the other way, which meant it'd need to go all the way to the end before turning back around. i stood there waiting in the cold, staring at fiorella's express across the street. but when i lived at home, i'd occasionally get their calzone for dinner. i haven't eaten there in a while, was surprised to see they have another restaurant in north cambridge.

i didn't get home until 8:20pm. walking back i hit a few pokestops to stock up on pokeballs (i ran out since my trip to ikea where i caught a bunch of pokemons without nearby pokestops).