i went to sleep late last night. maybe i had too much tea. maybe it was because the internet went down around 3am (when i should've already been asleep) and i woke up to fix it and discovered it was a comcast server issue (15 minutes later i went back online). whatever it was, the end result was waking up late, around 11am.

it rained throughout the day, i never once left the house. in the news i saw that gatlinburg tennessee was burning due to wildfires. the smoky mountains! if only all this rain could be magically transported there. where was all this rain back during the summer? the weather was so overcast that i had the living room lights on by 3:00pm.

since i wasn't going outside, i kept it domestic, vacuuming the floors and doing a load of laundry. the kitchen rug was particularly dirty, with little bits of crumbs from freddy's various cooking adventures. but it gave me a chance to use the shark rocket, a vacuum i love more and more everytime i use it. it seems to have as much sucking power as the dyson, but easier to use.

as for laundry, while cleaning leftover lint from the lint trap, i found long girl hairs. that's proof that catalina had been doing laundry at my place on sunday. it wouldn't be the first time that somebody who didn't live here came over to use the washing machine. my very first roommate mike, his girlfriend came over unexpectedly during winter break to do her laundry.

it took me 3 weeks, but i finally finished watching don't breathe (2016), the horror thriller about 3 young thieves robbing a blind veteran who end up getting more than they bargained for. it's not the easiest film to watch, very suspenseful, with a lot of jump scare and the possibility of violence around every dark corner. so i managed to only watch it a few minutes a day at most. i'd read somewhere that there was graphic sexual content, but even close to the end i didn't see anything, until it finally showed up; how graphic entirely depends on your grossness tolerance. now that i've seen the movie, i think it's an okay thriller. i'd like to see jane levy in some light romantic comedy instead; this film and the evil dead (2013) reboots makes her seem like the go-to girl for splatterfilms.

freddy came home a bit after 7:30pm. he was giving a presentation today and was all dressed up with fancy shoes and a tie. i heated a french bread pizza in the oven for dinner. he warmed up some chicken nuggets. in less than 36 hours he will be on his way back to colombia. he's only been here a month but somehow it felt longer than that. i look forward to solo living again.