i looked out my living room window this morning and noticed two things: that it wasn't raining and that the street sweeper hadn't cleaned the street yet. that gave me just enough time to go outside with a broom and brush the leaves from the sidewalk out onto the road for eventual cleaning. earlier at 8am i heard the megaphone city announcement alerting neighbors about street sweeping. i myself had nothing to fear because my motorcycle was parked on the private way, underneath a bike cover.

my mother called me to let me know the silicone o-rings i ordered on sunday for the espresso machine arrived today. i wasn't sure about the size, and when i saw the actual broken o-ring last night, i realized i ordered slightly small. i was expecting bad news but she told me it worked fine, the machine wasn't leaking anymore. true, the o-ring was not as big as it should be, but because it stretches, it was still able to fit in place.

by late morning there was a smattering of rain. as the day progressed however, the rain got heavier, even darkening the sky at times. i had no reason to go outside so stayed indoors throughout the day, listening to the sound of rain beating against the side of the house. for lunch i heated up my final piece of lasagna, took me a whole week to finish it. in the evening i heated up the leftover whopper from yesterday.

i did a few things with the pi today. for one thing, i finally got around to setting up my second pi zero. it was fairly routine, i copied raspbian pixel onto a 32gb microSDHC card and popped it in. for the initial setup i connected a keyboard/mouse/wifi-dongle via an externally-powered usb hub. for whatever reason the wifi wouldn't connect. it could see the dongle, but it couldn't see any networks. i switched out some cables (OTG cable instead of microOTG adapter), but maybe the OS needed time to create a wireless directory because it eventually did see the networks. i connected to my router and it maintained consistent wifi connection after that. from the router's admin i then assigned the pi a permanent IP and forwarded remote ssh traffic to that fixed number (alias pi00='ssh -p xxxx pi@xx.xx.xxx.xxx').

because now i have 3 pi's running simultaneously, it's starting to get confusing as to which one i'm actually logged into. so i changed the hostname for each, so i now i have pi0, pi3, and pi00. i also finally figured out how to prevent the pi's from going into the blank screen energy saving mode. originally i wanted to figure out how to wake the screen when it does go blank, but apparently that's a lot harder to do than just preventing the pi from going blank in the first place. i tried a bunch of different settings in various files, but none of them worked for me. finally i edited /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and added this line: xserver-command=X -s 0 dpms and that seemed to do the trick. i have to note that i startup into the GUI instead of the text console, which might make a difference. what's interesting is the pi uses the same amount of power regardless if the screen signal is on or not, so might as well just leave it on all the time.

freddy came home around 8:40pm, carrying a bundle wrapped into tin foil which i figured was his dinner. later he came out to the living room to chat, told me that this was actually part of his lunch from earlier today. he wore his colombian football shirt, so i guessed correctly that colombia played today again in the world cup qualifiers, against argentina. colombia lost, 0-3, knocking them down to 6th place (4 south american teams advance, a 5th team plays a one-match-final against an oceania team).