a leftover piece of lasagna for lunch, then went to belmont in the afternoon. only my father and hailey were home, my mother and sister having gone out to burlington mall. my father and i went to home depot to get a replacement fuse for the sony stereo, then to target to pick up the 2 steel shelving units (5 tier) i bought late saturday night. i bought two because i didn't know which size would work better in the kitchen - 3ft or 4ft - and they were both on sale ($10 off each). as previously measuring, it looked like only the 3ft ($40) can fit, so i asked the clerk to cancel my order for the 4ft shelving ($50). it took her a long time to find the item. when she finally did come out with a box, she said both shelves were packaged inside, when there was only the 4ft shelf. so she went back to storage and eventually did find the 3ft shelf, apparently placed in the wrong area.

back at the house we assembled the steel shelving, like an adult version of erector set. this was a target brand shelving (made in china) and i could tell the quality wasn't as good as past shelves i've assembled: one of the wires was bent (quality control issue, no impact on assembly though) and i even managed to get a metal splinter in my finger. nevertheless, you can't really go wrong with these utilitarian shelving units, regardless of how they're manufactured. after we finished assembly it, it did seem a little out of place in the kitchen, taking up a good deal of area.

my father and i went about fixing the old sony stereo that used to belong to my sister. since we couldn't open up the receiver box all the way, we rigged up a piece of double-sided tape to the tip of a stick and used that to tap the new fuse into place. the stereo system managed to turn on but there were still a few problems: the volume was too low even when the dial was all the way up, and there was only side coming from one side of the speakers. maybe there are other blown fuses in the box we haven't seen, but at this rate, any additional repairs is beyond our expertise and i think the stereo will end up getting junked.

when my mother finally came home (bringing back burger king dinner), she hated the new shelving, said she would've preferred a thinner shelf if anything at all. i think now we might trying to use the shelving at half height, and switch location with a island table.

after dinner i returned home with a extra whopper sandwich for tomorrow. i knew from the DHCP client list that freddy was already home since 5:40pm. he stayed in his bedroom for most of the night, the door closed, probably watching a movie on his ipad.