the heat automatically kicked in at 9am right when i heard freddy in the kitchen making breakfast, so perfect timing. this was the first time since he's been here where he didn't have to wake up early. i stayed in bed reading the final chapter of dune from bed before finally getting up around 9:30am. he was on his way out, but only wearing a light sweater with the sleeves rolled up. i told him he needed to wear more, he looked at the temperature (not sure if he was even understanding the fahrenheit reading), and went back to his bedroom to grab a light jacket when the temperature outside was 40°F. he wasn't even going to tell me where he was going until i finally asked while he was putting on his shoes. he was going to catalina house, but didn't elaborate much. maybe he was afraid i was fishing for an invite, but i was glad to see him gone, let me have the house all to myself.

after i took a shower i left for my parents place. with thanksgiving in less than 2 weeks, it was time we started cleaning up the house. first i vacuumed, then we decluttered the sun room, tossing out anything we didn't want, stowing some stuff in the basement. i put a suet cake in the feeder after we saw a lot of bird activities outside, as if they waiting for food (i saw a chickadee and a few nuthatches, as well as hearing a bluejay). my father reassembled the aquastat box in the basement. he also helped me haul the heavy elliptical machine base down into the basement (that was a bad purchase 9 years ago, almost never used, just sitting in my old bedroom, my father debated whether just to throw it out instead).

we also tried to see if the old sony stereo still worked. the rubberized front face of the stereo was slightly sticky from mold (being kept in the basement), but when we plugged it in it wouldn't turn on. we cracked open the receiver box, but was a 3D spatial arrangement of circuit board, like a electronic version of inception. how we could see inside was a mystery, until i spotted a burnt fuse, which might be what's causing it from not turning on. my father managed to remove the fuse (125V 2A), see if we can fix the stereo with a new fuse.

my sister got in a fight with everyone. i was helping to fix her macbook which she said began to act strangely after she upgraded the system. my father made some comment and before he could finish my sister basically told him to shut up. he got so angry he left the room, and it was so uncalled from my sister that i told her i wasn't going to help her anymore. than she began yelling at my mother and then left with the dog, said that she was going to the apple store to get it fixed for $100, or maybe even a buy a new computer, and it was essentially all our fault.

i returned home after dinner. i checked the DHCP client list a few times throughout the day, wondering if freddy came back home, and if so, i'd turn on the heat for him (otherwise the house temperature was set at a minimum of 60°F). when i got back the room temperature was still 64°F, with the scheduled heating about to turn it up to 68°F at 8pm. while i was using the bathroom i heard freddy coming home. he tried to get in (did he see it was ocupado?) but i grunted to let him know i was already inside.

afterwards i asked him about his day. he bought a bag full of post-halloween candy on sale from CVS, for only $5 after a 90% markdown. he and catalina were out exploring more of boston, this time from brookline to kenmore square and back through boston common. he retired to his bedroom to watch movies on his laptop/ipad.

i learned how to set up an SSH key so i can log into my pi devices without having to type a password every single time. it didn't work the first time because i already had an SSH key. when i exported the public key onto my pi0, it kept asking me for a passphrase, which i didn't remember. in my notes however i did find an old SSH phrase which i tried, but didn't work because every time i logged into the pi0 it still kept on asking me for the passphrase and the password. the password would get me in, but without the passphrase it wouldn't accept the SSH key. i finally created a new key, and that seemed to do the trick, one without a pesky passphrase.