it won't be long now, after tomorrow the election will be over, we will finally know who the winner is (clinton of course). the hype is so high, i wonder if working people are taking the day off today to go vote (if they didn't already) and then stay home glued to the tv watching the news channels?

i took the motorcycle to ocean state job lot in the early afternoon to pick up some thermostat upgrading equipment: a soldering iron ($3.99), a box of twist-on wire nuts ($3.99 with coupon), and a free complimentary multimeter ($5.99 otherwise). it was a chilly day with temperature in the upper 40's but it felt nice in the sun.

i went to the cafe because my father wanted me to rake some dead leaves in the parking lot. when i got there however, there was hardly any leaves to be raked. my father wasn't there either, went to go see the doctor about his knee pains, turning out it's swelling from a bursa inflammation. the doctor told him to go home and rest, elevating and icing the knee. that left my mother stranded at the cafe without a car, but she said she was going to walk home instead. i brought my spare motorcycle helmet and said i could give her a ride but she said she was too scared. so instead i went to belmont and waited for her to call so i could come pick her up with the car. before i left i connected the bug zapper to take care of some fruit flies that've taken up residence in the cafe.

while in belmont (my father was at home sleeping), i managed to rake 5 barrels of leaves from the front of the yard. 2 barrels i used to refill the compost bin, while the 3 other barrels were leaves from the side of the road which will be tossed out because they have a high level of road sand and chemicals. at 3pm i called my mother and went to go pick her up.

i had some chinese dumplings for an early dinner before 4pm. after tiring on political news, we watched definitely, maybe on HBO.

when my father finally got out of bed around 6pm (he said his knee felt 30% better), we went in the basement to see if we could install the c terminal. it didn't look that hard, but when we used the multimeter to test for a 24v AC voltage, the reading was all over the place, and we couldn't be sure where we want to solder a wire was the correct location. we'll need to do some more testing to be sure. but the actually wire seems pretty easy, would probably only take a few minutes and then we can finally wire the nest thermostat. that probably won't happen until wednesday.

at 6:30pm my mother cooked up some noodles for a second dinner. i felt stuffed afterwards, biking back to cambridge a short time later with the temperature dropping into the upper 30's. condensation streamed out of my mouth. funny thing is it's not even that cold yet. my hands and legs aren't cold enough that i can't ride anymore without additional layers. that will arrive in the coming weeks.

freddy wasn't home yet, and didn't get back until around 8:30pm. he had cereal for dinner. later in the evening he shared some colombian cheese crackers with me, achiras de huila. i never had them before, they're not bad. he went to sleep around 11pm.