chicago cubs versus the cleveland indians: which team was the greater underdog? the cubs were the odds on favorite, having the best record in the regular season (103-58). but in terms of world series championship drought, cleveland's "curse" is only 68 years compared to the century plus 108 years curse of the cubs. game 7 was exciting game in that it looked like chicago had the game won early on, but the indians came back and managed to tie it, and even threatened to steal the game from the cubs in the bottom of the 9th inning. then there was a rain delay before the 10th inning, and chicago miraculously scored 2 runs. it looked good for the cubs, but the indians fought back, scored one run, threatened again to tie the game, but the the game was over and the chicago cubs were the new champions.

i may be biased, but chicago's victory after trailing the indians 1-3 in the series can't compared to the boston red sox 0-4 comeback versus the new york yankees in the 2004 ALCS. that was a comeback for the ages, makes me giddy just thinking about after all these years. when the red sox advanced to the world series that year, winning the championship was almost an afterthought, since the comeback against the yankees was the greater challenge. it didn't come as a surprise when boston swept the cardinals, finally ending our 86-year-old curse.

paul sent me an e-mail this morning letting me know he was going to fix their moaning toilet today. outside the house, i saw the sidewalk littered with shards of glass. renee had tossed out a glass tabletop that belonged to her previous tenants, and apparently the trash guys smashed it in a million pieces when they were trying to load it into the compactor. it's a big deal because she piled up all the trash in front of my house so there was glass everywhere. to her credit, i did see her outside doing some sweeping, but she only did a half-assed job because there's still glass everywhere.

in the afternoon i went with my parents on a supply run to costco. we made a quick stop at the everett michael's so my mother could get some new caron cakes yarn that i saw at the porter square michael's yesterday. weekday afternoons are the least crowded times at costco. there was some drama at the checkout line, when a group of 5 old chinese ladies were making a large purchase with a single membership card (card sharing is a strict no-no). the cashier called the manager who gave the old ladies a pass. they were buying up bottles of vitamins, most likely as gifts when they return to china. being naturally thick-skinned, they didn't seem to care that they were holding up the line for everyone else. elsewhere, i saw a trio of young chinese men dressed up in black puffy jackets pushing a baby stroller. only later did i see a woman join their group; they came to costco but didn't seem to buy anything. we picked up a deluxe pizza for dinner before we left.

i got dropped off at my place, where i rode the motorcycle to belmont for dinner. i got there before my parents. i also checked the boiler control, there is no common terminal, so we'll need to create one. afterwards i came home to watch the last game of the world series. i found a broom and swept the sidewalk of all the glass shards out onto the streets. i saw two young ladies climbs the steps to renee's house. new tenants perhaps? one of them said hello. i think they were just visiting their friends, so i still haven't seen my new neighbors yet.