i had the heat set so it'd kick in right at 6:30am, when freddy would be waking up and getting ready to leave for work. by the time i got out of bed a few hours later, he was gone. the magical disappearing roommate.

i whipped up some yogurt and granola for lunch. in the afternoon i went to michael's to get some sticky tack for my indoor LED lights. then i went to market basket for some groceries. there was a lot of craziness at the checkout lanes. i got there right during a shift change, and the old lady in front of me forgot to pay for her things. in a neighboring lane, pushcart shoppers were having an argument over who cut the line, and in another lane an angry man stormed out of the supermarket because something was wrong with his purchase, leaving all his items behind after they'd already been rung up. the poor cashier turned on her assistance light but nobody was around to see it as her line got increasingly longer and patrons began grumbling.

maybe it's just the change of the season, maybe i was just bored, but i couldn't stop snacking. after a bartlett pear i went with the smarties, then went back to healthy with some baby carrots and humus, and finally finishing with some salty pretzels. my current weight is 144 lbs. but i expect it to rise shortly if i continue on this trajectory.

for dinner i had the 2 large meat buns my mother gave me yesterday. i watched game 6 of the world series, back to cleveland for the final 2 games. cubs got a substantial early lead that the indians could never catch up to. game 7 tomorrow night for all the marbles. i could root for either team, but i'm favoring the cubs, who haven't won the championship in more than a century.

freddy came home around 8:30pm. he bought a pair of gloves for marshalls. i told him about investing in a pair of long underwear. we chatted a bit more, this time about food. apparently there's a lot of colombian cuisine i've never seen before.