i was supposed to go to the 2nd annual boston costume 5k dash this morning but i overslept. i woke up at 9:30am with the sudden realization i was supposed to be in boston by 9am. i thought it was unusual that i didn't set my alarm. minutes later it all came back to me: my alarm did ring at 7:30am, but i turned it off, completely forgetting i was supposed to wake up, thinking my phone went off by mistake. i actually blame tom brady and bill belichick for missing my alarm. i stayed up late last night until 4:30am reading belichick and brady: two men, the patriots, and how they revolutionized football by michael holley. for a brief moment i thought i still had time to ride into boston and catch the tail end of the run. but even at my fastest it'd still take 30 minutes to get down to boston common, so it wasn't worth it.

disappointed in my own lack of alarm clock discipline, i stayed in bed until 10:30am reading more from belichick and brady. my mother called me, asking me what i was doing. she was going to go with my sister and her dog to winchester fells and asked if i wanted to come. i got ready and arrived in belmont via motorcycle by 11:30am. i was very hungry and ate 3 hot dog crescent rolls from the dining table before left.

this was my first time riding in my sister's new leased lexus SUV. i couldn't see much of the car from the back seat, but i did notice the large LCD display screen with GPS tracking data and rear bumper camera. the back of the car smelled like either wet dog or untreated rawhide. combined with the fact that i was playing pokemon go, i began to get a motion sickness headache. my sister and mother were complaining about my breath, since i ate a lot of garlic last night. we stopped in winchester center briefly, so they could go visit the last farmers' market of the season, while i sat in the car with hailey.

we arrived in winchester fells by 1pm, and didn't leave until 3pm. afterwards we went to nearby tuesday morning, a chain store my mother had discovered when i was away in china earlier this year. it was my first time visiting. kind of hard to describe what kind of store it is, part home furnishing, part crafts store, kind of like a marshalls without all the clothes. i ended up buying a small rug for $13.

i returned home after dinner. with freddy arriving late tomorrow night, i was still in no mood to clean up the house. i figured at the latest i could tidy up a few hours sunday night before he shows up. after taking a shower, i settled in to watch game 4 of the world series. the cubs were shut out last night; at least tonight they managed to score a run early in the game. that didn't matter though, because the indians still won, 7-2. now the series is tied 3-1 and cleveland needs another win to take the world series.