i was at rite aid this afternoon, stocking up on halloween candy. 10.5 oz. of "fun size" chocolates were selling at $2 per bag (must buy 4), when they normally sell for $4.49 when not on sale. i got 2 bags of twix, a bag of snickers, and a bag of milky ways. out of all those candy, snickers are my least favorite because i don't like peanuts in my chocolate. i consider them an inferior cheap nut compared to others like hazelnut or almonds. but when you've been hiking all day and super hungry, snickers are the most delicious candy ever.

i swung by the gas station at mass-walden to fuel up the motorcycle before arriving in belmont. because it would rain later tonight, i took the opportunity to mow the lawn beforehand. my father had brought home a fresh can of gasoline yesterday. besides mowing, i also dug out any weeds i saw. while uprooting a dried weed i managed to get clumps of annoying seeds all over my clothes and gloves. i spent the rest of the day trying to get them off. my father came home and mowed the backyard while i moved things out of the way, picked up any dog droppings, and did some more weeding.

my mother came home with my sister. she brought a bag of pastries my 2nd aunt had bought from chinatown. i ate a large bread dough flavored with fluffy meat floss. i showed my mother more videos by maangchi, the korean youtube chef with some awesome korean food recipes. we learned how to make korean rice cakes and ddeokbokki (spicy rice cake 떡볶이). for dinner my father cooked a large batch of fried peking raviolis.

after i returned home i took a shower then later went outside to cover up in the bike in anticipation of the rain that would be falling soon. i spent the rest of the night watching thursday night football between the packers and the bears (green bay won).