i made my way to belmont in the afternoon to apply the 2nd and final coat of paint on the window wall. it took just 30 minutes, from initial setup to final cleaning, including removing the blue tape around the window frame. the temperature today actually hit the lower 80's, the hot weather we were supposed to get yesterday but didn't because of the ocean fog. tomorrow the temperature is supposed to drop by 20 degrees.

after dinner i returned to cambridge and prepared to watch the 3rd presidential debate between trump and clinton.

2 packages arrived for me in the mail: a set of miniature aluminum heat sinks for the raspberry pi (99¢, purchased 10/5, arrived from hong kong) and a pair of micro USB OTG adapters (99¢, purchased 9/30, from hong kong as well). i tried out the micro OTB adapter, swapping out the OTG cable. it worked flawlessly, fit on the pi zero just right, with just enough clearance from the nearby USB power cable. one thing i did notice however is now the pi zero sips just a little more power than before. previously, with the OTG cable, it would sit at 0.9 watts. now with the OTG adapter, it sits at 1.0 watts, sometimes a little higher.

later i put my 2nd pi zero into its acrylic case. that's when i discovered that the plastic pieces were actually covered in frosted protective stickers that needed to be taken off first. after assembly the case the right way, i went back to my first pi zero which still had the stickers on them. now they look much better, with the completely translucent cases.

as for the debate, i didn't want to watch, but watched anyway just because i couldn't turn away from the impending disaster. i texted with sofia in england, who was also following the debate. it began with a surprising civility, but once trump got worked up, he reverted back to his nonsense-spewing angry self. when asked if he'd support the nominee should he lose, he said he'd wait and see. sofia and i both gasped. afterwards, that was the one talking point all the pundits were discussing.

i killed a cockroach in my bathroom tonight. i don't ever remember seeing a cockroach before, and it's gotten me a little concerned. one roach means there must be more. how did it even get into the house? ever since i saw a mouse in the house many years ago, i don't leave food out anymore, they're all in plastic bins. hopefully it's only a transient and it can't find a good source of food it'll move away.