i went to the cafe around 11:30am to deliver lunch for my grand uncle. my sister was there, preparing the food with my 2nd aunt. my sister and i ended up going to my grand uncle's place together. we went a little early - 11:45am - and my grand uncle was still in bed. i gave him some privacy so he could pee first, before he sat himself in his chair. he's very particular about his surroundings, from the utensil he uses to the position of the table. i was briefly introduced to his habits on thursday, but i still wasn't sure if i was getting it right. an additional level of complexity was i didn't understand what he was trying to tell me nor do i think he understood what i was asking him. while he ate, i dumped his portable urinal in the bathroom and gave it an antiseptic rinse. my sister helped me empty out his trash barrels (one for paper, one for others). when he finished eating i left with the tray of half eaten food.

earlier i tested the bug zapper with the voltage tester wand. plugged it, it registered a large electricity field, so i'm assuming the zapper is still working, just needed a new fluorescent tube. i was also at the cafe to stain the wooden counter in the basement, but my aunt told me that my sister's friend already came this morning to do the staining. i went downstairs to see the result. originally i was going to fill some small holes in the wood with filler before staining, but too late now.

i left for my parents' place, to check up on the house. with fan and vacuum ready, i did some light sanding in their bedroom, of the unfinished window. whoever installed the new window basically butchered the job. it needs a lot more sanding and patching before it'll be ready to be painted. i decided to save it for the next few days, when the weather would be warmer and i could leave the window open. instead i gave my motorcycle a wash followed by a waxing. the outdoor temperature was in the 50's but i worked in a t-shirt. my sister came home briefly with hailey, driving her new used lexus. hailey wouldn't leave her side no matter how much i prodded. after i finished with the motorcycle i returned to cambridge.

i switched to my bike and went to market basket soon after i returned home. i figured it wouldn't be crowded on a monday afternoon but i forgot to consider columbus day into my calculation; it was just as crowded as on a typical weekend. i got some honeycrisp apples (so cristina could try them) and some juice. only when i finally came back around 3:30pm did i eat something (some leftover kielbasa and english muffin heated up in the toaster oven).

for dinner i microwaved up some weightwatcher meal left behind by my parents. cristina came home right when i was about to eat. she reheated some leftover spanish omelette for dinner. we watched the 2-hour long frontline documentary about hillary clinton and donald trump, streaming from the PBS website to the chromecast.