i went to the cafe before noontime to learn how to take lunch to my grand uncle while my parents are away for a week in bermuda. while my grand uncle was eating, my father also showed me the furnace in the basement with an unusually long air intake duct. he warned me as a possible precaution that should the furnace stop working, one likely culprit would be a blockage in the intake duct.

afterwards, back at the cafe, i tried to fix the bug zapper, but it wouldn't turn on, possibly a blown fluorescent tube, i'll need to check it with my electricity probe to see if power is at least getting into the zapper (replacement tube itself isn't too much, around $6-7). it's sort of off-season anyway and there won't be anymore bugs once the temperature drops, but good to get it fixed anyway. my father also showed me the wooden countertop in the basement that needed staining; this was a job for my sister, but she rarely finishes a project she starts, so it looks like it's up to me to stain and then polyurethane the wooden block.

i went to belmont afterwards, watched some cable, banged away on my computer. while it was 67°F inside the house, it was actually 97°F in the sunroom with all the windows closed; i opened the door to allow the hot air to circulate into the house.

before i left after dinner, my sister showed up to pick up hailey. she told everyone she bought a new used car, leasing one from binbin's husband for $30k to be paid in monthly installments for the next 3 years. my sister has a very nice car which due to her hypochondriac nature is constantly getting fixed even though it seems to be fine. i have all sorts of reservations, one of them being, can she even afford a new used car? second reservation is why get another gas-guzzling SUV? my parents tried to get me from asking too much questions, as it doesn't take much to get into an angry shouting match with my sister.

cristina wasn't home, attending a fancy hospital dinner this evening. i took a shower and relaxed in the living room. later i tried to see if i could get the wifi to work on the raspberry zero, but it was a lost cause. i've read a bunch stuff online, still can't find an answer that would point to the router as the possible culprit.