yulia called me in the late morning with reports that her macbook was still behaving erratically. looking out in the rain, i figured i'd need to go down to harvard square, but she said it wasn't an emergency, so i told her i'd check it out early next week. cristina left with her venezuelan friend to visit the waltham fields community farm to gather some fresh farm produce. my parents came to pick me up around 1pm, on a supply run in everett-malden-medford triangle. it wasn't so much raining outside as there was a pervasive wet haze that soaked everything the moment you stepped outside.

a visit to the everett michael's to get some yarn and jewelry hooks before going to the neighboring everett costco. afterwards we went to malden super 88 before finally swinging by the medford ocean state job lot. a sad note: the ace hardware store next to super 88 has closed. that's where i bought the slate grey repair paint and some seeds last year. it looks like the space will be absorbed by a super 88 expansion.

there was nothing we needed to drop off at the cafe (that can't wait until tomorrow), so we headed directly home after that via mystic avenue to temple-school-somerville. (in hindsight we should've just returned to belmont via the old tufts university route 16 way which would've shaved 7 minutes off our return trip although in terms of miles was about the the same - 5.9 miles versus 6.4 miles).

i got a package of california sierra honey plums from costco, never had them before. they're tart but sweet with a pleasant crispiness. maybe they'll sweeten up some when left outside to ripen.

cristina wasn't home when my father dropped me off in cambridge after dinner, but there was a pile of fresh produce on the kitchen counter: kale, tomatillos, beets, potatoes, jalapeno peppers, and a purple green pepper. she came back around 8pm, carrying more groceries. she cooked in the kitchen, making a green sauce for her pasta using a combination of tomatillos, garlic, and hot pepper. it was a little bland, she spiced it up with some sunflower seeds and cheese.

we spent the rest of the night with me helping her research a new laptop. the asus zenbook series of ultrabooks look promising at a price point of $750, perhaps a bit more than what she originally wanted to pay, and also approaching apple macbook prices.