it rained in the every morning, enough so that cristina didn't take the bike to work. but by the time i woke up, the only evidence of rain was the wet roads and sidewalks, as it didn't rain again after that. i had a simple lunch of a greek yogurt cup. in the afternoon i snacked on some baguette and cheese; i've reached the point where i can't stand camembert anymore, it'll be a long time before i go back to bread and cheese.

i fired up my raspberry pi 3 first the first time in a long time, playing around with some tools and commands (ssh, modifying the BASH), getting ready to create the headless pi zero once the wifi dongle arrives tomorrow. i've realized the offbrand bluetooth keyboard i have is not very responsive and more often than not is either losing connection or repeating keys.

i put new silicone caulk around the spigot of the tub faucet. water's been leaking from the tub/shower toggle knob, and i was afraid it was somehow getting behind the spigot area. at some point i'll have to take apart the toggle knob and inspect the inside to find the source of the leak. but the tub could always use some new caulking. i'm still using that same tube of silicone after i learned online the little trick of cutting open the nozzle to dig out the hardened caulk then closing the nozzle back up again with tape. it saved me from having to throw away a perfectly good tube of caulk.

for dinner i used up the rest of my leftover chicken breakfast to make some chicken parmigiana. i made sure to pound the chicken as thin as possible before breading and frying. the result as better than last time, and i added some hot sauce to the sandwich as well for more of a kick.

cristina came home around 11pm. she said her boyfriend kiki put up some photos on his facebook page of his time spent in boston and she said she should've came with us because it was all places she hadn't visited (state house, custom house tower, mt.auburn cemetery tower). there's enough cool places around boston that i like to bring every person i take to a unique place i only share with them alone. that time i took out kiki, even i went to places that i've never been (custom house tower interior, house of representative chamber), so that was a good trip.