i answered the knock on my door this morning: an amazon.com delivery. it was a flexible camera tripod that came with a camera-phone-gopro adapter and a bluetooth remote, all for just $4. i actually ordered it friday night and here it was getting delivered 2 days later. this is to replace my knockoff gorillapod that mary tried to flush down the toilet because she felt threatened by it. i still have pieces of that tripod, but the top half is missing so it's essentially useless. this one seems to work just as well with more adapter options.

i went to belmont around noontime and had two slices of leftover pizza for lunch. i then spent the day watching football games, redskins vs. giants, broncos vs. bengals. i had no stake in either games, but i was rooting against new york and denver, two perennial foes of new england, both going into sunday with 2-0 records. broncos won while the giants lost. sometime in the afternoon i went to go take a nap in my parents' bedroom.

after dinner i motorcycle back to cambridge. i paid extra special attention the road, trying to avoid any possible animal collision mishaps like last night. i made it back without any animal encounters. it was 55° outside and 69° inside the house. the indoor temperature has been steadily dropping over the weekend. i wonder how long i can hold out before i need to turn on the heater?

cristina still wasn't home (7:30pm). i went into the basement to bring out her bike but discovered the rear rack was loose again. i already tried fixing twice, this was the third time. i ended up using a special locking nut, hoping there's less chance of it slipping off from vibrations. it took a while to fix, in the dark, illuminated with my iphone flashlight. it also didn't help that i tightened the rack crooked, and had to release the nuts and readjusting everything again.

afterwards i used the bathroom and took a shower. cristina finally came home around 10pm, told me about their quebec city adventures. she bought a winter jacket for about 100 euros. they slept in the car the first night (friday), but it was so cold they booked an airbnb place for the second night. coming back, they visited a roadside barbecue joint in new hampshire and got some american-sized portions of ribs.