even though i could've slept in late, i still woke up relatively early around 8:30am. i was still feeling the residual effects of the upset stomach from yesterday. at one point somebody was ringing the doorbell when i was in the bathroom (i hate it when that happens), which turned out to be my neighbor renee (i hate that even more), who seemed to be ringing everyone in the neighborhood but nobody was answering (on a saturday morning? people have better things to do).

i went to belmont around noontime. the temperature was only in the 60's so i wore a hooded sweatshirt. i don't expect to see anymore 80 degrees day from now on. nobody was home so i occupied myself with some computer and cable. my parents came back around 1pm, after having gone to chinatown early this morning. my mother made some chicken noodle soup for lunch. while my father went to go take a nap in the bedroom, my mother was knitting in the living room while watching some spy thriller movie on netflix. i fell asleep on the couch for about an hour, waking up to a stiff body.

my mother didn't want to cook so we ended up ordering pizza instead. there was a buy one get one free deal all this week at domino's, so we went with the two specialty pizzas we had last time: extravaganzza feast and spinach & feta. we also ordered a side of 8-piece sweet habanero wings. i wasn't feeling particularly hungry, and my stomach was still a little sensitive from whatever the hell i ate from the past 2 days. i only had 2 slices of pizza and one wing. the extravaganzza was off too, missing the fresh green peppers from last time. both pizzas also tasted saltier than i remembered.

feeling stuffed, i returned home. i almost didn't make it, because wild animals kept running across my motorcycle. leaving my parents' place, a rabbit jumped across my path by the park. on observatory hill a rabbit once again ran in front of me. finally, on huron avenue, a large yellow dog came out of nowhere, crossing the street. i had to emergency brake, and if i didn't keep my bike leveled, i could've easily wiped out on the road. i came within 2 yards of hitting the dog, and watched as it quickly ran to the other side, as if it was just as surprised to see me. later i wondered if it could've been a coyote, although i think i would've noticed the difference between that and a dog. but why was a large dog wandering the streets in the evening? i'm just lucky neither one of was were injured.

i took a hot bath when i got home, reading the latest issue of smithsonian (the one with the return of the great american jaguar cover story).