i woke up at 8am to see cristina and kiki off. they were heading to logan airport to rent a car and drive up to quebec city for the weekend. because kiki is returning the car on sunday and leaving for spain straight from the airport, this morning was the last time i'd see him. both he and cristina dragged a small travel suitcase with them. they have an unusual plan where they will rent a large car and sleep in it to save money. this is a terrible idea because most cities don't allow this practice, and the night time temperature in quebec is around 40°F so they risk freezing to death. but who am i to criticize their sense of adventure?

it takes 6 hours to drive to quebec city, and they left for the airport sometime after 9am. at that rate they won't arrive at their northern destination until after 4pm at the earliest. they had a very ambition itinerary, including possible stops in the white mountains and maybe a quick visit of montreal on the way back. kiki actually told me that he worked for 5 months in toronto, so he's somewhat familiar with canada, although quebec will be quite different (fortunately cristina speaks french).

with them gone i had the whole place to myself again for the weekend. that was quite fortunate because for some reason i got a case of the runs today, going to the bathroom noisily nearly every hour. not sure what i what ate, maybe the cheese i had yesterday, or possibly the honey barbecue wings. i went out just once in the afternoon to move all the bikes into the basement and to cover up my motorcycle in anticipation of the rain that would arrive in the evening.

i took a nap on the sofa around 4:30pm, waking up sometime after 8pm in the dark. i haven't slept well this week, going to bed late but waking up early. i'll use this weekend to catch up on some sleep.

even though i wasn't particularly hungry, i had some chicken breasts i bought yesterday that had get used, so i put half away in the freezer while the other half i turned into cutlets for a chicken parmigiana sandwich. i pounded the chicken with a mallet but i think they were still too thick so they took a long time to fry, and even longer to eat. i had some stale bread crumbs but i decided to make my own with a leftover dried baguette in the ninja food prep blender. the sandwich was okay, but like i said, the chicken was too thick, and the breaded layer ended up being a little too soggy (from the olive oil i was frying everything in).