a night of sleep didn't really make me feel better; in fact, it just revealed where on my body it's still sore from having spent a long weekend of painting. besides the impact injury on my left knee that resulted in some denim burn, there's also some pain in my upper left shin. and on my right foreman, there's an area that hurts, a possible contusion without the bruising. all this from having the beverage refrigerator topple on top of me on sunday.

at least it was raining outside, and the rain makes me feel better, because it means i don't have to water any gardens today. despite what looks to be a fairly wet couple of days courtesy of tropical storm hermine parked a few hundred miles out at sea, i heard in all we will only be getting less than a tenth an inch of total rain. and even though the weather outside seemed rather cool with temperature only in the uper 60's, it was actually kind of humid, and felt a little warm and uncomfortable. and intermittently i'm beginning to have that itch in my throat and the occasional sneezing bout or sudden runny nose, meaning hayfever season is upon us.

i did a load of laundry, washing my painting clothes, which had absorbed some paint smells from the past few days.

i managed to fix the rear rack on the fuji bike (cristina left it at home, took the subway to work today due to the rain). last night i noticed one of the nuts was missing, and just so happens i had some spare. i tightened everything by hand, i should use some tools at a later date to give it the proper tightness so it doesn't come loss again.

for lunch i finally ate the small piece of spanish omelette cristina saved for me from several days ago. when it finally stopped raining in the afternoon, i biked down to market basket to get $30 worth of groceries. unlike my visit about a week ago, there was now no plastic bags. your choices were either paper (free), sturdier plastic tote (10¢), or canvas tote ($3). i bought a bag of pork rinds (guilty pleasure), which i finished some after returning home. i also snacked on some walnuts and a jazz apple (not good, too tart), to try and counteract the negative effects of the pork rinds.

i took a nap on the sofa for about an hour, waking up at 6pm. cristina came home relatively early today at 6:20pm, and was doing a load of laundry and making dinner. i started cooking my own dinner around 7pm, some white cheddar cheese shells with kale.

spent the rest of the evening watching television while cristina read up on some medical documents on her ipad from the couch. while chatting with her, i learned her birthday is 1/30, making her an aquarius like me. i would've guessed she was born in the summer for some reason. she went to bed around 10:30pm.

inspired by some cooking shows, i went ahead and started a sour dough culture using a cup of whole wheat flour and half a cup of leftover lukewarm water from the electric kettle (the chlorine should've all been boiled away by that point). i tried making my own starter 7 years ago, but never got around to using it, and eventually tossed it out after a long period of refrigerated neglect.